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Benefits of Commercial Cleaning You Might Not Have Known

To you and your employees, the office is like a second home, whether you want it to be or not. Adults spend about half of their waking hours at work (on weekdays, at least). But most people don’t see (or treat) the office like a second home.

You’re probably here for one of three reasons: you used to have commercial cleaning, worked somewhere that did, or are considering it. When considering it, the most common point is to wonder if it’s worth the cost.

Well, when deciding whether or not it’s worth it, there are some benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company that might not be immediately obvious. We want to go over some of them today.


Dirty offices make employees take more sick days for two reasons: because dirty offices are depressing, and because dirty offices make it easier for germs to spread.

It’s probably obvious that the less often an office is cleaned, the less often disease-causing germs are wiped out. What might not be so obvious is the relationship between a dirty office and sick days. Studies have shown that workers in dirty offices feel less motivated to come to work and some have reported taking sick leave just to avoid being in the presence of a dirty office. So your lack of cleaning services could be costing you a lot more money than you save by skimping on it.


Going off our last example, if your office is helping people to get sick, obviously they will be less productive because not feeling well (even being hungry) kills productivity.

What’s a little less obvious is the way dirt and clutter affect our mental process. Studies have shown that clutter-free space helps us focus. That’s because the more visual stimulus there is around us, the more our brains try to focus on all of it at once. This happens whether we want it to or not and is likely responsible for the fuzzy, focus-less feeling you often get when you’re in a cluttered space.

It’s actually a one-two punch. Studies have shown that not only do workers in a dirty environment spend less time at their desk, but also work less productively when they finally do get to their desks. On the flip side, workers in cleaner offices feel better and work better.

Given all that, you should see cleaning as an investment rather than an expense.


You hear about first impressions so often that the phrase “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” has a firm place as a cliché in today’s world.

In fact, the reason you hear so many truisms (note: what’s another word for that?) about first impressions (e.g., “Don’t judge a book by its cover”) is because first impressions stick, whether they’re correct or not. If your first impression of someone is positive, you will feel and act more warmly towards them in all of your interactions.

This affects cleaning in two ways. First, if you’re in a clean space, you will subconsciously be happier and therefore easier to like. Second, your guest will see your clean space and subconsciously factor that into their first-impression building. And first impressions are important in business, so if you want more sales, make sure you clean!


Not everyone makes use of professional cleaners, but we think everyone should. If you want more cleaning tips and more insights on how the cleaning industry makes the world a better place, check back from time to time. We’re always writing new articles!


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