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Top 3 Reasons Why Fathers Are Investing in Franchising

For many fathers, owning a franchise is a life-enhancing decision. Many current business owners have said that having a business of their own to create a long-lasting legacy for their children is one of the best decisions they’ve ever made in their career. It is no surprise that dads are recognizing the benefits of business ownership and turning to franchising as their best option to invest. Here are three great reasons why fathers are investing in franchises and loving it:

The Modern Workforce Make-up Is Changing

The amount of women in the workforce today is large and growing, so men are taking on more domestic responsibilities. Owning a business through franchising has proven to be a successful way for men to balance their careers and families to live a life they can be proud of. If a father needs to be more involved at home but still be able to provide for his family, both Anago’s Master Franchise and Unit Franchise opportunities are great models for
balancing work and fatherhood.

An Anago Unit Franchisee can set their own pace, whether they want to be part-time or full-time, and can decide how much time they want to invest. Unlike creating a business model from the ground up, Anago does not require their owners to obtain a sales force, billing department, or administrative staff. The Master Franchise office takes care of all that for them.

Founding Father: David Povlitz

Franchisee fathers everywhere can pass down their knowledge of running a business to their children and possibly even inspire them to do the same work. David Povlitz, the Founder of Anago, created the company from the ground up and was later joined in the business by his children. From the start, his goal was to start a family-oriented business. Povlitz started his children with doing janitorial work and eventually, with hard work, determination, and smart business decisions, they earned their way to the top.

Core Beliefs

Anago is dedicated to improving people’s lives, whether by providing cleaning services or giving people the opportunity to start their own business. People are what makes Anago successful. Master Franchise Owners who are fathers can feel good about helping others start their own businesses through the Unit Franchise opportunity, and can see the impact they’re making first-hand. They can relate to other owners who are parents and have a support system at work. Overall, franchise-style businesses aim to improve people’s satisfaction through the core foundations that make franchises what they are today.

“There is no better feeling in the world than to know fathers, in particular, are choosing models such as Anago’s as their legacy builders,” says David Povlitz. “As a father myself, the single most important aspect of being a business owner is having the ability to love, nurture, and take care of your family.”

Anago is a leading commercial cleaning company in the industry which also provides job growth through Master and Unit franchise opportunities. To learn how to become an Anago Franchisee and delve into the world of business ownership, please contact Judy Walker (


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