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Let’s Get Organized!

De-Clutter – Increase Your Positive Energy

Getting organized can be very healthy. Everyone has a drawer or box that gets overloaded with “things you will get to later”. Later eventually becomes never. Looking at the piling up clutter can cause stress and bad energy. Items may include old bills, bits of paper, old tools, report cards and more! If you want to promote positive energy then it may be time to get organized!

According to WebMD, “Clutter, both mental and physical, can do a number on our productivity and eat away at our time.” Think about all the minutes we waste looking for items that aren’t where they should be. Plus the sheer stress of a cluttered life means we may miss deadlines, work longer hours. Clutter equals stress.

Pack away the clutter:

  • Cards
  • Letters
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Small Toys
  • Tools
  • Pens & Crayons
  • Paper Clips and Staples
  • Medicine

Here a few tips to get organized:

Zip-Lock Bags
Zip-Lock Bags are a great way to get organized. You can buy them in a variety of sizes from Quart to the Gallon. A great use for zip-lock bags are socks and underwear. You will be amazed by the look and feel of your drawers once these items are organized neatly.

Shoe Boxes
Shoe Boxes are a great way to store items you want kept out of view. Place a few shoe boxes underneath your bathroom or kitchen sink to organize the clutter that cannot be shown around the house.

Jars and Cans
Jars and Cans can be easily decorated and gives you structure of odd items lying around such as pens. Candy, paperclips and loose change are all small things that can be organized visually.

Baskets and Plastic Storage Bins
There are tons of uses for storage bins! If there is anything that is out of place, for example, combs, brushes, makeup, razors, games or paperwork place them into a storage bin. They are inexpensive and can usually be found in dollar stores.

There are many ways to stay organized the trick is to be creative. Before you throw something away, take a closer look at that item and ask if it can be used for organizational purposes.

Finally, the most important way to keep organized is to let go! If you have not used an item in your home and are keeping it around because maybe it can be used later then it’s time to throw it away. Take the stress away from holding onto that item and remove it from your home. The purpose of keeping organized is to feel lighter and less chaotic. Getting organized and throwing out impractical items may have a positive impact on your mood and attitude.


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