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The Anago Difference

When founder David Povlitz started this company back in 1989, he had complete clarity of mind regarding his mission. Though the end goal was to ensure commercial buildings stayed consistently clean and disinfected, Povlitz’ driving mission was to help others achieve financial freedom and security by becoming business owners themselves.

A Different Model

Povlitz built this company in a three-tiered franchise structure, enabling business-savvy professionals to build their own empires, with extensive territories and 7 Revenue Streams. While supporting everyday men and women in becoming small business owners within the commercial cleaning industry.

The Perfect Name

Povlitz spent weeks trying to decide what to name his company. He wanted something strong and unique—something truly meaningful. Soon enough, he came across “Anago.”

The name Anago is derived from the Greek-Latin term "anagogue," meaning to guide or uplift. It was a perfect fit. This was the exact mission that Povlitz was so passionate about—guiding and uplifting the lives of all Anago Franchise Owners, allowing them to achieve a level of success that would not only meet their own financial needs but also benefit their families for generations to come.

Hear from Anago Founder David Povlitz himself on how he came to find the Anago name and everything it represents!

Putting Words into Action

Povlitz then developed the company values that he and his employees would spend the next 3+ decades working hard to honor.

Anago believes in people, and we understand the importance of education, appreciation, and advancement. We’ve been thriving for over 30 successful years, and we credit this accomplishment to our people. We value personal and professional integrity and realize that a forward-thinking, positive environment begins with us. Ultimately, this mindset results in the outstanding support we provide to all Anago Franchisees and our clients.

Anago has been on a journey to provide The Superior Choice for Commercial Cleaning®. The brand never compromises on quality and has been able to celebrate many milestones on its path toward continuous improvement.

Unlike other professional cleaning and janitorial service providers, Anago is intensely focused on data-driven systems and technologies. With these capabilities, our franchisees provide best-in-class cleaning solutions and one-on-one communication with you, our clients.


As a commercial cleaning franchise with more than 1,700 franchised business owners in our network, we have been at the forefront in innovation and advanced technology.

Anago’s Rigorous Standards

Anago Franchisees specialize in meeting the highest standards in commercial cleaning based on comprehensive certification procedures, environmentally friendly, hospital-grade disinfectants, cutting edge tools, and professional processes.

Our Franchisees & Network Partners

  • Undergo special training for cleaning protocols
  • Use of EPA registered hospital-grade disinfectants with broad-based efficacy
  • Are bonded and insured and capable of working in demanding environments
  • Follow regulatory compliance standards (APIC, CDC, JCAHO, HIPAA) for safety & security

apic, cdc, the joint comission, hipaa compliance

Anago Plans


Clean, sanitized environments are inviting for guests and help employees be more productive. Our Anago Franchisees use only advanced cleaning processes and techniques that ensure your facility receives the detailed attention it deserves. They’ll customize a cleaning schedule that fits both your needs and your budget. Rotational cleaning plans ensure the highest level of cleanliness possible so your employees always stay healthy and your guests get the best first impression.

Go Platinum. Kill 99.9% of Germs

Anago Franchisees are proud to offer their Protection+ Disinfection® program. This customizable approach to cleaning and disinfecting lets you choose the level of service that best fits your property and budget. These plans combine experience, advanced technologies, and value, which are backed by a complete satisfaction guarantee.

Protection+ plans include:

  • Protection+ BLUE, for cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces like door handles, coffee pots, and railings - the most frequented surfaces in common areas. A beyond-basic cleaning that kills 99.9% of germs where it matters most.
  • Protection+ ORANGE, featuring all the benefits of Protection+ BLUE, and much more. Protection+ ORANGE gets more personal and includes individual workspace disinfection - every phone, every computer, every mouse, and every keyboard in the office is detailed.
  • Protection+ PLATINUM, designed for environments that require the ultimate clean. This plan includes all of the detailed services already mentioned, plus electrostatic sprayer technology that guarantees every surface and every corner in your space is disinfected.


A Visible Difference

Our Franchisees use systematic methods and unique processes to create a visible difference in the cleanliness and sanitization of your work environment.

Dedication to technological investments

No property is too big, no surface too difficult for our franchise cleaning teams. Their years of experience and our advanced tools have prepared them to be efficient and stealthy to get your cleaning and disinfecting done quickly without disturbing your employees or guests – and all the while delivering outstanding results.

Best Service & Price

Our janitorial business owners deliver premium commercial cleaning and disinfection at competitive prices, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price. In addition to being reliable and trustworthy, they always maintain high standards.

A Clean You Can Count On

Our Franchise Owners provide consistent results you can count on every time. Their cleaners understand your property, pay close attention to the details, and deliver exceptional results that meet or exceed your requirements. And with a Protection+ badge displayed proudly on your front door or window, customers and employees will rest assured knowing your facility is properly disinfected and maintained for their safety and comfort.

Anago Protection+ Disinfection® Plans

As a commercial cleaning franchise, we have raised the bar with our exclusive Protection+ Disinfection® Plans that let you choose the level of service that best fits your property and budget. These plans combine experience, advanced technologies, and value, which are backed by a complete satisfaction guarantee.

All Plans Available as Both Single and Recurring Services


A Beyond Basic Clean To Ensure Safety

Disinfects those high touch areas like door handles, light switches, coffee pots, and railings with an EPA-registered disinfectant proven to kill 99.9% of germs.


Our Most Popular Plan!

You get all the benefits of Protection+ BLUE, AND...

Professional disinfecting at individual workstations. Every phone, every computer, every mouse, and every keyboard in the facility is detailed. This comprehensive approach leaves your common areas plus all personal spaces disinfected to keep illness at bay—and those sick days away.


The Ultimate Clean!

Includes Everything in the ORANGE plan AND...

Provides an advanced clinical clean utilizing cutting edge electrostatic technology and EPA-registered disinfectant chemicals proven to kill bacteria and viruses like COVID-19, disinfecting even the hardest-to-reach areas.

The Right Tool for The Right Clean

Hospital-Grade Disinfectants

Our hospital-grade disinfectants help maintain a clean and healthy indoor environment. They are registered effective against a broad spectrum of disease-causing organisms.

Learn More

HEPA-Filtration Vacuums

Our HEPA-filtration vacuums remove smaller dust particles that other vacuums miss. They reduce the allergens in the air and create less noise than a traditional vacuum.

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Color-Coded Microfiber Cloths

Our microfiber color-coded cloths can remove soil of microbes from hard surfaces. The synthetic material of split microfibers attracts and lock the dirt and matter, so they do not spread across surfaces when wiping. These hypo-allergenic cloths are also non-abrasive to delicate surfaces.

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Anti-Drip Flathead Mop

Our anti-drip flathead mops help floors dry faster, reducing slip and falls, while also reducing overall water usage. By reducing repeated use of dirty water, we lower cross contamination resulting in cleaner floors.

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