Summertime parasites are on the rise, including in the Great Lakes
Posted on Monday July 08, 2019

Cryptosporidium (Crypto) is found to be the culprit as it is a leading cause for outbreaks of diarrhea, usually associated with pools and water parks. In order to protect yourself and your family from getting Crypto, Anago Cleaning Systems, an international cleaning company, has issued 10 Commands to fight Crypto.

Honoring the American Dream on the 4th of July
Posted on Tuesday July 02, 2019

I arrived in the United States in 2001 for the American Dream from Honduras. During my process, I faced many challenges like learning the language, finding employment, and fitting in.

Father’s Day – Safety, Assurance, Love, and Advice.
Posted on Friday June 14, 2019

“The best business advice he ever gave me was ‘your personal income will not far exceed your personal growth.’

Beware: What’s Lurking in Community Pools?
Posted on Tuesday May 28, 2019

At Anago, we are all about the CLEAN! From commercial offices, retail storefronts and restaurants to car dealerships, medical hospitals and religious facilities, we’ve forged an award-winning process for our Master Franchisees and Unit Franchisees to ensure all their customers work and play in a clean environment. As we would love to spend this time [...]

10 Green Cleaning Products Professional House-Cleaners Trust Most
Posted on Tuesday May 28, 2019

Vodka (yes, vodka) is great to clean porcelain floors.