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The Anago Name - Our Culture

Our name is representative of who we are as a company.

When David Povlitz started this company back in 1989, he had complete clarity of mind regarding his mission. Though the end goal was to ensure commercial buildings stayed consistently clean and disinfected, Povlitz’ driving mission was to help others achieve financial freedom and security by becoming business owners themselves.

According to Povlitz, it’s one thing to work a steady job, but it’s something else entirely to be your own boss and work for yourself. So, he built this company in a two-tiered franchise structure, enabling executive-level experts to build their own empires, and supporting everyday men and women in becoming small business owners within the commercial cleaning industry.

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“Anago” - the perfect name. Povlitz spent weeks trying to decide what to name his company. He wanted something strong and unique - something truly meaningful. Soon enough, he came across “anagogue.”

The name Anago is derived from the Greek-Latin term "anagogue" meaning to guide or uplift. It was a perfect fit. This was the exact mission that Povlitz was so passionate about - guiding and uplifting the lives of all Anago franchise owners, allowing them to achieve a level of success that would not just meet their own financial needs, but also benefit their families for generations to come.

At Anago, we believe in people

We understand the importance of education, appreciation, and advancement. We’ve been thriving for over 30 successful years and we credit that accomplishment to our people. We value personal and professional integrity and realize that a forward-thinking, positive environment begins with us. Ultimately, this mindset results in the outstanding support we provide to all Anago Franchisees

Our Anago Master Franchise Family

Anago holds an annual seminar for all Master Franchise Owners. This educational conference informs them of new technologies and advancements we’re making to help support their businesses. It also provides a chance to network, connect, and learn from each other.

And it brings friends together from all over!

Start Building Your Empire

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