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What Makes Green Cleaning Companies Different?

The Perks of Green Cleaning

These days, people are increasingly aware of the ways their cleaning solutions and methods can affect the environment—but what to terms like “eco-friendly” and “green” really mean when it comes to commercial cleaning? And what sets green cleaning services providers apart from the rest?

When it comes to commercial cleaning service, here’s why green cleaning makes a difference:

  • Green cleaning is better for your health. Many cleaning solutions contain volatile organic compounds (also known as “VOCs”). These can cause myriad health problems, including headaches and multiple forms of respiratory irritation. The use of green cleaners can also eliminate sensory irritation that can result from the use of fragrances and other toxic additives.
  • Green cleaning reduces your environmental impact. Green cleaning methods are about more than just using non-toxic solutions. Green cleaning also involves mixing solutions as necessary, recycling as much as possible, and discarding trash and potentially toxic items properly in order to reduce waste and protect the environment.


At Anago Cleaning Systems of Las Vegas, we are committed to delivering an environmentally conscious, healthy clean for every client. As an industry leader in eco-friendly cleaning methods, we know how to ensure your space gets the deep clean it needs without using harsh chemicals, dangerous fumes, and unsafe residue. We do this by using all-natural formulas, mixing our cleaning solutions on-site, and using microfiber cleaning cloths in order to trap more allergens.

We provide skillful, thorough green cleaning services for businesses, schools, apartment buildings, and other commercial areas in Clark County. If you are interested in receiving green cleaning services, in Las Vegas, connect with a member of our team today to request a free estimate.

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