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Challenges Schools Face in Maintaining Cleanliness

Top 3 Difficulties Administrators Experience in Keeping Schools Clean

School administrators have a duty to maintain the cleanliness and usability of their educational establishments. However, there are often significant barriers to doing so, including:

  • Special Events and Increased Use of Facilities: After a special event, many school administrators are barely able to finish cleaning up before beginning preparations for another event in the same space. This often results in surface-level cleaning taking precedence over sanitation and deep-cleaning, which are necessary for the health of all students and staff.
  • Inadequate Staffing: Many schools operate on small numbers of janitorial and cleaning staff, often leaning on teachers to chip in. Other schools have the opportunity to hire staff members who could play a role in keeping schools clean and tidy but are unable to find qualified, experienced individuals to fill open roles.
  • Limited Funds: Schools at every educational level struggle to stay afloat using their allotted funding. This can make it difficult to hire and provide regular pay for cleaning staff who are making more than the current starting wages.


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