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One-Time Office Cleaning Projects to Make a Good Impression

What would a visitor assume about your business if they walked in right now?

Would they see a floor that has properly sealed, scrubbed, and buffed? Or a floor that looks like employees drag their feet to work?

Studies have found that it takes as little as 13 milliseconds for our brains to process what it’s seeing. And unless your employees are quick enough to clean their desk, treat the floor, and touch up the walls in less than a second of a visitor walking through the door, maintaining a clean and organized office at all times is necessary for ensuring a good impression.

Taking on one-time office cleaning projects will go a long way in ensuring that potential clients and top candidates see your office as the office to do business with. If you want to land the top client or top employee, you need to “wow” them from the moment they walk through the door. Here’s how you can.


Whether you supervise an office or a commercial facility, your floors receive a lot of foot traffic. And it doesn’t take many feet to transform your flooring from clean and flawless to grimy and worn out. Whether your office has carpet or vinyl flooring, it’s important that you treat it regularly.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming your carpet a few times a week will keep it from showing obvious debris and, at the same time, provide your carpet with relief from possible dirt build-up. If you want your carpet to make a good first impression on your visitors, however, your carpets needs to be more than just free of debris – it needs to look fresh and be odor-free.

Deep cleaning your carpet is the only way to remove any deeply situated debris or a foul stench. To do this you will need a commercial grade heavy-duty vacuum cleaning, heavy-duty cleaner, and a high-quality steam cleaner. If these types of equipment aren’t readily available at your facility, you may consider turning to a commercial cleaning service for one-time carpet cleaning in lieu of making an expensive equipment purchase.

Hard Surface and Vinyl Floor Cleaning

A basic hard surface floor cleaning should entail floor stripping, floor sealing, scrubbing, and a buffing. Of course, the condition of a hard surface is often more obvious than the condition of a carpet. The quality of the impression you make with your hard surface or vinyl flooring is proportional to the amount of effort you put in.

If you want the quality of a cleaning professional, you will need to put in the same effort as a cleaning professional. That means conducting a thorough floor stripping to remove all of the foreign materials in your vinyl, a hard scrub of your floors, neutralizing your floors as a secondary way of removing grime, mopping the floors, and applying a new hard floor wax and premium floor coating. If your business has the time and the equipment necessary, it’s best to go the extra mile to ensure that your floor is one that you can be proud of. Otherwise, the only way to keep your time, effort, and expense to a minimum is to turn to a commercial cleaner for a one-time hard surface cleaning. Either way, the results are well worth it.


Both your walls and your carpet comprise the majority of what visitors see when they walk into your office. Of course, as your walls take up nearly four times the space of your floor, your walls are the ones doing most of the “talking.”

What do your walls say about your office?

Unfortunately, while most of us routinely touch up our carpets, it’s less common to see someone paying extra attention to their walls. This, however, doesn’t make them any less important. Cleaning your walls should entail a thorough dusting and a thorough scrubbing with gentle soap and warm water. The amount of time it takes, however, will primarily depend on how much space you need to cover, including the space that may be hidden behind cabinets or wall hangings. These areas may not be ordinarily visible, but they can still trap odors that your visitors may detect.

Deep Cleaning Your Furniture

And after your visitors have examined the floors and the walls, what is the next area of your office that draws their attention? The furniture in it, of course! And while we recognize that organizing office supplies, computers, and even personal knick-knacks is a personal decision, you can’t afford to overlook the need to keep wood, glass, and other furniture surfaces spotless.

And while we understand that even the thought of putting in additional time at the end of a long workday to spruce up your office furniture is exhausting in itself, it doesn’t have to be your chore. Furniture cleaning is perhaps one of the most common types of one-time cleaning services that commercial cleaners offer.


While keeping your flooring, walls, and furniture clean are universal needs of every office, you may also want to consider one-time cleaning projects that are unique to your current office conditions. For example, if your meeting room has currently undergone construction, now is a good time to consider professional post-construction cleaning services. Have several employees moved offices? Have you added new offices to your building? Those are good reasons for a post-construction cleaning, too.

If you find that stretching your time and labor resources thinner to accommodate these cleaning projects is more than you can afford, requesting professional cleaning services from a local commercial cleaner is a viable solution. Aside from the immediate savings on your own time, labor, and expense, a good commercial cleaner will also ensure that you are fully satisfied with the results.

Anago Cleaning Systems is the commercial cleaner that ensures just that. Your satisfaction is our measure of our success and our professional cleaners put their skills and expertise to work in order to achieve it. Contact us for any of our one-time cleaning servicesWe’ll help you make the best impression


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