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Infection Control for Ohio Medical Facilities

Most patients visit a healthcare facility because they need either preventative treatment or illness remedies. While not every visit to the local family doctor or medical facility is the result of a contagious illness, patients and staff can still be exposed to airborne germs and virus cells. Healthcare workers are meticulous about using antibacterial soaps and sanitizers to help prevent the spread of these airborne spores, but bodily and surface cleaning are not enough.

Just thinking about all the surfaces, especially nooks and crannies where germs and dried blood could live and thrive, is enough to make a germaphobe’s skin crawl. Most medical professionals do not have the time to daily scrub grout and monitor the HEPA efficiency of air filters. Surface cleaning is simply not enough to prevent the spread of germs. Commercial cleaning is more effective for infection control.

When a medical facility needs more attentive care for deep cleaning and infection prevention, these specific commercial cleaning services help maintain the office’s cleanliness while incorporating sanitary products for maximum effect.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

For the hard floor surfaces often found in medical office facilities, it is crucial to hire a commercial cleaning company with adequate equipment to pick up dirt from the tight spaces often found in vinyl or tile flooring. Dirt removal is only one part of the hard surface cleaning. The best janitorial flooring companies will also offer the services of stripping, re-sealing and buffing the floor. Over time, dirt particles and bacteria organisms get trapped in the coating that covers vinyl flooring. Stripping the floors and resealing them with adequate sealer limits the exposure of dangerous germs to staff and patients. This process helps sanitize the flooring.

Commercial Steam Cleaning

If your health facility has low-pile carpet, commercial steam cleaning helps eradicate deep stains and bacteria embedded in carpet fibers. If left dormant, the organisms can grow and become a bigger risk for all who are in the facility. Steam cleaning not only sanitizes the floor, but also removes any allergy irritants for those with sensitive allergies.

Custom Cleaning Times

While some companies may only hire a commercial cleaner for a one-time job, medical health offices need routine maintenance for infection control. Look for a flexible cleaning company that can arrive after business hours and with a variety of services not common with standard janitorial services. Airborne germs can embed in carpet fibers, floor groves and even the air filters. Look for companies who will also evaluate and clean the air ducts as an extra precaution.

Always teach your staff to handle medical emergencies with care for the patient and for others in the facility. There are many green anesthetic products available with the sanitation power necessary to treat any bodily fluid spills or contamination. Provide these tools, as well as skin sanitizer products, to help protect the health of all within the facility.

Anago of Cincinnati offers green medical office cleaning to support infection control in medical facilities throughout Cincinnati. Our cleaning experts are flexible with your operating hours and can provide a variety of services to help control the spread of infectious bacteria. If you would like to learn more about our healthcare facility cleaning, please call (513) 718-4841 or request your free quote today!


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