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Germ Mitigation

Controlling germs in the workplace leads to less employee sick days and an overall healthier environment for your customers/clients. Anago's process helps us ensure we provide a germ-busting clean that not only looks great but disinfects and sanitizes.

A clean workplace means happier employees and less sick days

Germs Hate Anago!

Stay safe, especially during flu-season, by knowing the common hotspots for germs around the workplace. These include: doorknobs, telephones, computer keyboards, light switches, sink handles/faucets, and appliance handles.

Anago is dedicated to continuing research into cleaning best-practices. We use hospital-grade cleaning products that provide a germ-eradicating clean.

Complete the information below to download a printable version our Germ Hotspots poster to hang in your workplace and educate your staff on staying safe and minimizing sick days. We respect your privacy and never sell your personal information.

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