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Sep 2012

Anago featured on Fox News’ Fox & Friends Television Show

September 18th, 2012
Fox & Friends, Fox News Channel

Anago was recently featured on Fox News Channel's show Fox and Friends. In a segment called "Where the Jobs are this week" Anago was mentioned as an excellent opportunity for those looking to start a franchise business. With opportunities throughout the nation Fox News highlights Anago's strong presence as a job creator and leader in the industry. Fox and Friends is an early morning opinion talk show that begins at 6:00am (EST) with the latest Fox News Live headlines and analyzes the news of the morning. It continues with many different segments including interviews, updates of news stories with correspondents at any number of bureaus, analysis from the hosts, and many different regular morning show segments. Please click "Read more" to view full article.

Aug 2012

Stockbroker Gave Up Trading to Keep Buildings Clean

August 5th, 2012
The Washington Post

How Anago Master Franchisee, Darren Williams, started in the commercial cleaning industry and his efforts in securing Anago's involvement with the 2012 Citi Open and various embassies in Washington, DC. Please click "Read more" to view full article.

Jul 2012

There Are Tons of Cleaning Companies Out There But I Believe This Is a Good Thing, Says Curt Albertson, Anago Cleaning Systems Master Franchisee

July 1st, 2012
Franchise Chatter

Curt Albertson is the Master Owner for Anago Cleaning Systems of Cincinnati and Dayton. Prior to joining Anago, Curt worked as a manufacturer's representative in the premium/incentive industry selling in the states of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky (1978-1994); owner of a distributor company that sold to the premium/incentive industry nationally (1994-2000); and owner of an embroidery, silk screening, and pad printing company that employed 80 people on three shifts (2000-2004). Curt purchased his Anago Master Franchise in May 2005 and opened for business on July 11, 2005. Please click "Read more" to view full article.

Jun 2012

Top weekend franchises: #2 Anago Cleaning Systems

June 21st, 2012
Eighteen Fifty-One Franchise Project

Anago Cleaning Systems ranked #2 top brand for "keeping weekends free" in recent post by the Eighteen Fifty-One Franchise Project! Many future franchise owners focus on a combination of investment, lifestyle, wealth and equity when exploring the right business opportunity. With Anago, lifestyle flexibility continues to be a top trait among master franchisees. For this, 1851 Magazine ranked Anago as the No. 2 best franchise brand for maintaining lifestyle and keeping your weekends flexible. Please click "Read more" to view full article.

Clean sweep to success: Franchisee Khan thrives with Anago Cleaning Service

June 15th, 2012
IndUS Business Journal

Eddie Khan is truly a testament to living the American dream. Originally from Bangladesh, Khan came to the United States in 1992 to escape political and economic hardship. With odds of obtaining a student visa at one in 500, Khan luckily was awarded one and came to the United States with only $450 to his name. Through scholarships and grants, Khan attended the Colorado School of Mines and graduated with a degree in petroleum engineering. Please click "Read more" to view full article.

Battle looms over janitorial contracts

June 11th, 2012
The Hartford Business Journal

This article The article highlights how Anago is expanding into the Hartford, CT region for Master and Unit Franchisees. Judy Walker, VP of Marketing, discussed Anago's growth in the past three years, and why the company is targeting Hartford as a hub for development. Walker also explained the role of the Master Franchisee for Anago, giving details into the responsibilities and inner workings of Anago's business model. Please click "Read more" to view full article.

Apr 2012

Franchise owners strive to share knowledge of business ownership

April 9th, 2012
The Charleston Business Journal

Local business entrepreneurs, Dave and Dory Ruyts, recount how their backgrounds led them to become Anago Master Franchisees of the Charleston, South Carolina territory. The article focuses on their past commercial cleaning background, as well as Dave's past with the Navy, that led them to the opportunity to Anago Cleaning Systems. Please click "Read more" to view full article.