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Oct 2016

15 Mistakes to Avoid when Starting a Franchise

October 9th, 2016
Fit Small Business

Mark Arduino, Master Owner of Anago of Detroit, shares his advice on mistakes to avoid when starting a franchise. Arduino believes the biggest mistake a new franchisee can make is not following the system.

Mar 2016

Starting at the bottom at Anago Cleaning Systems

March 14th, 2016
Family Business

Adam and Lisa Povlitz, son and daughter of David Povlitz, did not receive preferential treatment when they started working for their father's company. The founder's children had to scrub toilets and work their way up. David, Adam and Lisa share their experience with Family Business Magazine.

Jan 2016

The Headaches and Rewards of Moving Your Corporate Office

January 27th, 2016
Franchising World

For the better or worse, the dynamic and efficiency of your office will change after moving. Adam Povlitz, President of Anago, shares some of the headaches and rewards that Anago experienced during the company's recent move to Fort Lauderdale.

Dec 2015

Nov 2015

How to Hold an Epic Annual Meeting

November 5th, 2015
Franchise Times

Most franchise brands host an annual meeting, but not all company meetings are created equal. Judy Walker, VP of Marketing, speaks with Franchise Times about holding an epic annual franchise meeting. She shares the keys to a successful seminar, plenty of planning and an inventive theme.

Oct 2015

Sep 2015

Jul 2015

Why Franchisees Should Allow For Three Years Until Business ‘Clicks’

July 14th, 2015

From stockbroker to commercial cleaning mogul, Darren WIlliams of Anago Cleaning Systems knows how to get things done as a business owner. "Franchising is the quickest route to success. It's not a coincidence that franchises are able to duplicate the same model time after time, in multiple locations all over the world," said Williams in a recent article with Entrepreneur. "When I bought my Anago territory the company was still fairly young and this was a big selling point for me. I love that I was able to grow the brand with them and continue our successes today."

May 2015

Young Ones to Watch: Adam Povlitz

May 27th, 2015
1851 Franchise Magazine

Adam Povlitz recently made the move from Executive Vice President to President of Anago Cleaning Systems, a major career advancement he can celebrate with just 30 candles on his birthday cake. The new President of Anago Cleaning Systems expounds on his career thus far.

Jan 2015

Foods That Clean: Foods that can also be used to clean your home

January 25th, 2015
WBNS-10TV in Columbus

Jeff and Chastity Schaffer, of Anago JFS Franchise Group, demonstrate how to use everyday household items to clean. This segment features such tips and tricks as including rice to clean a vase, baking soda to clean jewelry, cream of tartar to clean utensils and walnuts to fill in scratched wood. Click "Read more" to view the featured video segment.