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Sep 2019

Aug 2019

President Leads A Commercial Cleaning Company To Make Real Impact

August 5th, 2019

Adam Povlitz began his journey at Anago when he was 26. Looking to make a real impact in his professional life instead of just being a spoke in the corporate wheel, he decided to join his father in building what is now known today as one of the largest commercial cleaning companies in the nation, [...]

Jul 2019

Summertime parasites are on the rise, including in the Great Lakes

July 8th, 2019

Cryptosporidium (Crypto) is found to be the culprit as it is a leading cause for outbreaks of diarrhea, usually associated with pools and water parks. In order to protect yourself and your family from getting Crypto, Anago Cleaning Systems, an international cleaning company, has issued 10 Commands to fight Crypto.

May 2019

Apr 2019