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Jul 2020

Adam Povlitz of Anago Cleaning Systems: How We Plan to Rebuild in The Post COVID-19 Economy

July 3rd, 2020

My family is my support system, and I am theirs. We protect each other, we support each other, and like everything else in life, we faced this pandemic together. My family is strong, and we put faith before fear. It doesn’t mean we didn’t take precautions; we did. We wore masks in public, limited our [...]

Jun 2020

Mission Matters: Anago Cleaning Systems Offers New Franchise Opportunities with Adam Povlitz

June 18th, 2020

The commercial cleaning industry is rapidly growing nationwide and Anago Cleaning Systems is excited grow with this expansion.  Commercial cleaning is no longer a basic necessity but an ESSENTIAL requirement, which is excellent news for those who want to invest in their own business in the commercial cleaning franchising industry. Listen to the Mission Matters [...]

Franchise Bible Coach Radio: Adam Povlitz with Anago Cleaning Systems

June 14th, 2020

Adam Povlitz is CEO & President of Anago Cleaning Systems, one of the worlds leading franchised commercial cleaning companies and a leader in technological advances relating to business operations and janitorial services. A previous IBM executive, Adam holds several business degrees and certifications, including an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Miami. [...]

May 2020 -10 Low-Cost Franchises You Can Start From a Vehicle Right Now

May 18th, 2020

Are you ready to get on the road to business ownership — literally? There are a multitude of franchise opportunities that don’t require an expensive storefront, but rather just a car, truck or van to bring your products and services directly to customers. So if you’re the type who likes to always be on the go, check out this selection of just a few of the mobile service franchises that are available.


May 12th, 2020

By Adam Povlitz, CFE, Anago Cleaning Systems As the coronavirus continues its grip on the global economy, nations are working hard to discover new pathways toward re-opening businesses safely, getting people back to work, and jump-starting their local markets. The months without work and steady income have caused individual stress, harmed families, and cast a [...]

COVID Turns Franchise Janitors Into ‘Infection Experts’

May 8th, 2020

While cleaning concepts have taken their own lumps during the COVID-19 pandemic, the crisis has also shown the resilience of this “less sexy” side of franchising and has cleaning companies learning a lot. Prior to this crisis, companies like Anago Cleaning Systems, the 1,700-unit franchise with locations across the U.S. and Canada, were seen as [...]

Apr 2020

Return to Clean – Commercial Cleaning Advice to Restaurateurs

April 24th, 2020

Return to Clean – Commercial Cleaning Advice to Restaurateurs 4 Min Read | 4.24.2020 | By Adam D. Povlitz Now that COVID-19 has invaded our lives and taken over nearly every activity we engage in, cleaning is at the forefront of everybody’s mind. Industries all over the world have come to a screeching halt with restaurants being near [...]

Anago Cleaning Franchisee Speaks with NPR – The Frontlines of COVID-19

April 19th, 2020

Some of the most essential workers right now are people who literally confront the coronavirus when they sanitize public spaces. Anago Cleaning Franchisee, Antonio Martinez, has been running his commercial cleaning business in Miami for 13 years. Antonio spoke with NPR about what it’s like on the frontlines of COVID-19 and the importance of keeping [...]