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Church/Synagogue Cleaning

We clean around your schedule

Religious facilities vary from the size of the congregation to building type. Anago is able to shape our cleaning service and schedule to meet your specific needs. We understand that there are times when you might be very busy and need us more than usual or there may be some last minute preparations that involve a quick clean from our team. Whatever your situation, we are simply a call away.

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Affordable Budget

No matter your budget, we provide clean

We strive to offer the best service regardless of your budget. We pride ourselves on the flexibility our program offers and staying within your allocated budget. Schedule a cleaning consultation today and let us show you how Anago can not only meet, but exceed your cleaning expectations.

Respectful Cleaning

We respect your place of worship

Every space requires cleaning, but we understand extra care must be taken when cleaning places of worship. We consult with our clients to guarantee there is nothing left to chance and our professional cleaning specialists are taught to be respectful while ensuring your space is thoroughly cleaned.

Flexible Schedule

Professional cleaning services synced with your schedule

Early service and late events make for a sometimes unpredictable schedule. We work with our clients and are available 24/7 to accommodate your cleaning needs. You can count on Anago to be there for you when you are crunched for time, as well provide a quick response any time you reach out.

Church and Synagogue Janitorial Services

A large congregation, can be a hotbed for bacteria, germs and debris. Our cleaning professionals are skilled at keeping your place of worship clean in the most unobtrusive fashion possible.

  • Early or late hours, it doesn't matter. Our cleaning experts are available on your schedule.
  • Anago's cleaning professionals are fully licensed, bonded and insured.
  • We assign our cleaning professionals to your facility, which allows you to build a rapport with those tasked with cleaning your facility. You get to know, trust, and rely on these individuals in a personal way.

We Pass the Finger Test

Our cleaning professionals know that out-of-sight is NOT out-of-mind. We make sure to clean and dust every ledge, even the often-forgotten ones like on top of picture frames.


Anago is committed to providing you with a green-clean work environment; from specially formulated window cleaners to floor cleaners and more.

High-Traffic Areas

Offices have very obvious hot-spots and we make special note of those in our initial client walk-through. Our cleaning specialists pay extra care to these areas on each visit, leaving longer lasting clean high-traffic surfaces.

High-Touch Surfaces

Seating areas or pews are high-touch surfaces and require thorough attention. We clean these areas to minimize build-up while ensuring not to disturb any paperwork or books.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Anago

  • Anago's ability to work within our schedule and our budget has been very helpful. We get our facility properly cleaned at a price we can afford.

  • We can always count on Anago when we have a special event scheduled at our facility. No more being shorthanded and staying late for cleanup!

What's My Bottom Line?

Outsourcing your cleaning means you are in full control of how much money you wish to spend. Anago will give you several cleaning schedule options and you choose the best fit for your needs & budget.

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