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Industrial/Mfg Cleaning

A clean environment is a productive environment

When your staff comes to work, are they being greeted by a clean, organized facility? They are ready to log hours and it's the little things that can make for a happier workforce. The break room must be clean, the bathrooms should be shining, and any spills or work dust from the day before should have been eliminated. This is the feeling that Anago Franchisees strive to provide not only for your employees, but also visitors to your warehouse/manufacturing facility. Their knowledge of floor and counter surfaces, as well as any specialized rooms your industrial facility may have, have prepared them to deliver an exceptional clean that you can consistently count on.

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Employee Health

Actively working to curtail employee sick days

You may not see them, but germs are on every surface. It is not only important to maintain a clean facility for your clients, but also for your employees. They are the workforce behind your functioning business. Maintaining a clean environment can help lower the amount of sick days and boost morale by having happy healthy employees.


Cleaning expertise that goes above-and-beyond

The safety of your facility should be one of your highest concerns. The dangers of a slip and fall from spills or dusty floors is very high in industrial facilities. The Anago program can help ensure that your floors are properly cleaned, with the best chemicals. Our franchisees use the correct cleaners for your specific floor surfaces, further preventing slip and falls.

Positive Environment

A clean workplace lends to a satisfied workforce

According to a survey of more than 25,000 individuals conducted by Advance PCS Center for Work and Health, off-task workers cost businesses an average of $250 billion a year, or approximately $2,000 per worker due to lack of motivation and sick leave. It's clear that a clean work environment makes for happier and more productive employees. Let Anago's Franchise professionals help to create a more positive workspace for your employees and clients.

Warehouse & Manufacturing Facility Janitorial Services

Many clients that contract with Anago to provide an impeccable clean for their warehouse or manufacturing facility office spaces are pleasantly surprised that Anago Franchisees also provide advanced cleaning services for their work-floor. They employ specialized cleaning methods to tackle everything from floors to specialty-surfaces. Each item on your customized checklist is cleaned to perfection by our bonded and insured franchise professionals. This takes the worry off your plate and leads to a well-maintained facility.

  • Our franchise professionals are bonded and insured, as well as proficient at working in your specialized environment.
  • Oily, grimy, dusty floors are no match for their methodical cleaning process. They identify key areas in our initial site walk-through and develop a customized schedule of cleaning based on your priorities and budget.
  • Does your facility require special work certifications? This is not a problem as many Anago Franchisees have numerous industry certifications.

We Pass the Finger Test

Anago Franchisees know that out-of-sight is NOT out-of-mind. They make sure to clean and dust every ledge, even the often-forgotten ones like on top of shelving.


Anago Franchisees are committed to providing you with a green-clean work environment; from specially formulated window cleaners to floor cleaners and more.

High-Traffic Areas

Manufacturing Facilities have very obvious hot-spots and special note is made of those areas in our initial client walk-through. Our franchise cleaning specialists pay extra care to these areas on each visit, leaving longer lasting clean high-traffic surfaces.

High-Touch Surfaces

Your equipment is considered a high-touch surface and requires thorough attention. Anago Franchisees clean these areas to minimize build-up while ensuring not to disturb your valuable products.

What Anago Clients Are Saying

  • Anago's Franchisees have really impressed me with their work. I was hesitant about outsourcing, thinking that maybe my business would not be handled with the care that it needs, but Anago has really surpassed my expectations!

What's My Bottom Line?

Outsourcing your cleaning means you are in full control of how much money you wish to spend. With Anago, you will receive several cleaning schedule options and you choose the best fit for your needs & budget.

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