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Hospital Cleaning

Hospital Cleaning

In a hospital setting, a clean and sterile environment is critical. Choosing the right healthcare cleaning company helps increase overall patient satisfaction and yields better HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) scores. A hygienic/clean appearance ensures your patients are comfortable and confident about their care. Our experience in cleaning a wide variety of hospital equipment helps minimize cross-contamination and deters the spread of infectious disease. With Anago, you receive a customized schedule of cleaning tailored to meet your priorities and budget.

Hospital and Medical Facility Cleaning Professionals

Remove the overhead and headaches of cleaning verification paperwork and daily checklists from your staff by outsourcing your hospital cleaning needs with Anago. Our experience with high-traffic area and hard surface cleaning aids in reducing the transmission of MRSA and other virulent infections. We use hospital grade disinfectants, rigorous certification procedures, professional cleaning processes, as well as HEPA and microfiber technologies, to ensure your facility's cleanliness.

  • Special training for patient room cleaning, as well as cleaning of exam rooms, surgical suites, operating rooms, and nurses stations.
  • Infection control detailing universal precautions and blood-borne pathogens.
  • Regulatory compliance (e.g. CDC, JHACO, HIPAA) for safety and security.
  • Bonded and insured cleaning professionals capable of working in a demanding hospital environment.
  • A focus on common problem areas as identified by healthcare professionals.
  • A unique quality assurance spot-check and verification system that ensures our healthcare cleaning professionals are delivering consistent and reliable service.

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We Pass the Finger Test

Our cleaning professionals know that out-of-sight is NOT out-of-mind. We make sure to clean and dust every ledge, even the often-forgotten ones like on top of picture frames.


Anago is committed to providing you with a green-clean work environment; from specially formulated window cleaners to floor cleaners and more.

High-Traffic Areas

Medical facilities have very obvious hot-spots and we make special note of those in our initial client walk-through. Our cleaning specialists pay extra care to these areas on each visit, leaving longer lasting clean high-traffic surfaces.

High-Touch Surfaces

Patient treatment areas are what we call high-touch surfaces and require thorough attention. We clean these areas to minimize build-up while ensuring not to disturb your patients or their important belongings.

A Professional Image

Trust us, they notice

When patients seek medical help, they will judge you not just on your health care, but also on the appearance of your medical facility. A clean and appealing facility will not only raise the professional image of your medical practice, but it will make your patients feel comfortable and well taken care of.

Germ Mitigation

Knowledge into the science of clean

There is no more important place to have germ control than in a hospital. The chances of cross-contamination are extremely high and can become deadly for an ill patient. Germs are spread as we walk, from the bottom of our shoes, when we fail to wash our hands and even as we open doors. We take germ mitigation very seriously, and with our proven processes of cleaning medical buildings, we can assure a more sanitary facility.

Hospital-Grade Disinfectants

We constantly evaluate the products we use

Anago uses Hospital-Grade Disinfectants for the most effective and deep clean. We understand the need for a sterile and sanitized environment. By using the best products, we can help kill all harmful bacteria that may be living in high-touch areas and also help prevent any further contamination.

What Anago Clients Are Saying

  • We rely on Anago's 24/7 schedule to service the many facilities in our large hospital group. Cleaning and service are both top notch.

  • Finding a firm that understands the needs of our practice is easier said than done, that's why we've stuck with Anago for years!

What's My Bottom Line?

Outsourcing your cleaning means you are in full control of how much money you wish to spend. With Anago, you will receive several cleaning schedule options and you choose the best fit for your needs & budget.

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