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Event Venue Cleaning

Keep the Party Going

So you rented out your venue for the night and you walk in early morning to face a mountain of trash, spilled food and drinks, and confetti all over the place, among other things. You had a busy day planned out already and now you don’t know how you will work in a deep clean for your venue. Well, that is where Anago steps in! We deep clean carpets, floors, remove trash and sanitize bathrooms. Also, with our customizable schedule, we can be there as soon as the function is over. It is not only a necessary clean, but one that will have your place shining and smelling great.

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Flexible solutions for any event budget

You know that budget is everything when it comes executing a successful event, and we offer cleaning solutions specifically tailored to your requirements and budget. Offering top-tier service, regardless of your budget, we pride ourselves in the flexibility our cleaning services offer.

Event Cleanup

Big or small, we clean up after them all

Anago is able to provide on-demand cleaning professionals to assist with your post-event cleanup no matter the size. Licensed, bonded, and fully insured, contact us to learn how Anago can augment your in-house cleaning staff to keep your facility looking its best.

Lasting Impression

A professional image that leaves a lasting impression

Anago provides your facility with a worry-free and cost-effective method of maintaining a professional image day after day. Providing event venue cleaning services from 1,000 square feet to 1,000,000 square feet, we have the resources and expertise to deliver.

Commercial Cleaning Services For Your Events

We provide professional, scalable, and reliable janitorial services for stadiums, arenas, event halls, boutique spaces, banquet facilities, and more. We are able to provide complete cleaning solutions or simply augment your current cleaning staff.

  • Our uniformed professionals are bonded and insured, and coached to provide consistent results even in the demanding event-driven environment.
  • Scalable cleaning offerings are our specialty. From scheduled cleaning service requiring one or two cleaning professionals to large events that can require require even more.
  • Our client service lines are always open, and we aim to respond to emergencies within two hours. Regular inspections and client surveys allow us to maintain quality and customer satisfaction.

We Pass the Finger Test

Our cleaning professionals know that out-of-sight is NOT out-of-mind. We make sure to clean and dust every ledge, even the ones your guests can’t see.


Anago is committed to providing you with a green-clean work environment; from specially formulated window cleaners to floor cleaners and more.

High-Traffic Areas

Offices have very obvious hot-spots and we make special note of those in our initial client walk-through. Our cleaning specialists pay extra care to these areas on each visit, leaving longer lasting clean high-traffic surfaces.

High-Touch Surfaces

Kitchens have high-touch surfaces and require thorough attention. We clean these areas to minimize build-up while ensuring not to disturb your equipment.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Anago

  • In the past, I struggled to get my floors clean after a function at my venue. Then I found Anago and the rest has been a pleasure.

  • Anago can clean our event hall in just a couple hours. It used to take a full day of our staff's time to get it looking presentable.

What's My Bottom Line?

Outsourcing your cleaning means you are in full control of how much money you wish to spend. Anago will give you several cleaning schedule options and you choose the best fit for your needs & budget.

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