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The Anago Franchise Model

Our business model provides a framework of opportunities benefiting both our Master and Unit Franchisees, as well as our clients. It is a true testament to what working toward a mutual goal can accomplish.

Anago Master Franchisees are business executives who purchase an exclusive territory, and they sell Unit Franchises to individuals looking to buy a commercial cleaning business. Simultaneously, the Master is securing cleaning contracts from local businesses and assigning those contracts to the Unit Franchise to assist them in growing their cleaning business. The Master makes money by selling Unit Franchises as well as by royalties they collect on all cleaning contracts they’ve sold that their Unit Franchisees service. The Unit Franchise makes money by operating a cleaning business emphasizing their entrepreneurial drive, while servicing clients provided by the Master, as well as leveraging Anago’s volume discounts, proven methods and systems.

  • A Master Franchisee is a white-collar business executive securing commercial cleaning contracts and selling Unit Franchises to service those contracts

  • Cleaning Contracts are assigned to the Unit Franchisee by the Master, who collects fees for the services provided to the Unit Franchise's cleaning business

  • The Unit Franchisee purchases a franchise from the Master Owner and operates his/her own cleaning business, ensuring Anago's quality cleaning standards are met

Let Us Show You Franchise Success

You've been considering starting your own business but are unsure on how to attack launching a new business. What if you could have all the benefits of being an entrepreneur with the resources of a larger company? An Anago franchise provides you just the resources and guidance you are looking for.

Be in Business for Yourself,
Not by Yourself

Complete the form or call us at 800-213-5857 to speak with a franchise specialist. We're looking for ENTREPRENEURS like you to open commercial cleaning franchises with minimal investment*.

*Down payment and minimum investment required vary by location

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