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Have you ever imagined how it feels to work in an unclean office environment? Naturally, people are more productive and comfortable in environments that are hygienic and clean. We’re introducing you to Anago Cleaning Systems, a company that makes clean and neat environments possible for everyone, in every location. Anago systemizes its cleaning methods and equipment to ensure your facility receives the best possible and the most efficient clean. The best part is that every client receives a customized schedule and proposal of cleaning that’s based on their priorities.

Meet Adam Povlitz, President and CEO of Anago Cleaning Systems. We interviewed him recently and we learned that there’s much more to cleaning than meets the eye. Here are the excerpts of the interview:

Let’s start off with Anago Cleaning Systems. Tell us about how it all began.

David Povlitz, Founder of Anago Cleaning Systems, owned and operated a commercial cleaning business in Michigan for over 15 years. He realized the need for an organized work order program and created one, along with a marketing and sales program to ensure growth. He perfected these systems when he moved to South Florida in 1989 and Anago was born.

The name Anago is derived from the Greek-Latin term “anagogue”, which means to guide or uplift. Anago was founded with that principle – to guide and uplift the lives of our Master and Unit Franchisees to achieve success. By 1991, Povlitz was offering individuals the chance for franchise business ownership through Anago’s Unit Franchise program. In 1999, the first Master Franchise was sold, and continued growth has led Anago to achieve over 40 Master Franchise locations and over 1,500 Unit Franchisees across the U.S. and Canada.

Today, Anago remains a family-owned business, with David’s son, Adam Povlitz as its President and CEO.

That’s a lot of history there. But speaking of modern times, what are your company’s recent innovation?

Anago has always been on the cutting edge of technology in the commercial cleaning industry. Our team recently collaborated on how to best maintain open lines of communication between Anago and our clients. Most commercial accounts are cleaned after regular business hours to ensure no disruption to our clients’ day to day business. As such, the client and the cleaner rarely had a chance to communicate with each other. Our team created CleanCom, a web-based application whereby the client can message the Franchisee cleaning their account, upload a picture if needed, and get an immediate response to their inquiry.

The cleaning business is quite unique and has its own industry niche. How appealing is your company in the current market?

Every office in every city needs to be cleaned. Office cleaning has been around for hundreds of years, and cannot be exported out of the country, it cannot be replaced by the internet, nor can it be replaced by automation. Even in recessionary times, as employees of other companies may be laid off, the offices still need to be cleaned. There will always be a need for it.

Let’s talk about Anago’s offerings.

Anago is way ahead of the competition in terms of technology. All Anago Master Franchise offices benefit from our proprietary Cloud-based systems to run every aspect of their business. We also created an AnagoApp for bidding and estimating the cleaning of each business, as well as for customer service. All can be handled from an iPad.

Just like every other industry, the cleaning industry has also seen many innovations. Do you see innovation as a single time process or a continuous one?

By definition, innovation is the introduction of something new, such as a new idea or new method. In today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing world, continuous innovation is key to keeping up.

Speaking of innovation, how much do you value the workplace innovation?

Anago strongly encourages all employees, as well as our Franchise Owners to bring new ideas, devices, or methods to management. We have created an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration among all Anago members.

According to you, what are the 3 important things required for team effectiveness?

First and foremost, communication. Effective communication is the most important component of team effectiveness and involves consistently updating each person on the team, and never assuming that everyone has the same information. The second is delegation. Teams that work together effectively understand the different strengths and weaknesses of each team member. The third is efficiency – for example, setting a timeline for completion of projects.

Hello Innovator!

Adam Povlitz, President & CEO

Adam Povlitz received his BSBA in Finance & Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida, Warrington College of Business. He received his MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Miami’s School of Business.  Adam joined Anago almost 10 years ago and was appointed as the President and CEO in 2015.  He is a Cleaning Industry Management Standards (CIMS) and CIMS-Green Building Expert. He holds a CFE designation as a Certified Franchise Executive from the International Franchise Association and is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

“The rotational, systematic service ensures the highest level of cleanliness for the health of your employees and clients and also provides an unbeatable first impression.”


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