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Why October is the Best Month to Clean Carpets

October! What a refreshing month for most. Too early for Christmas (unless you are in retail), yet the feeling of Fall surrounds you (unless you live in the South) with cool, fresh air, falling leaves and those days of just perfect temperatures.

October is also the month to start thinking about the string of holidays on the horizon, starting with Halloween, and what preparations you need to plan to make it through the holiday free of dirt & grime. One of the biggest items on that checklist…cleaning your carpets.

Among the many things October is known for, a lesser-known tidbit is that October is the best month to have your carpets cleaned. Think about it. You are at the end of the summer cycle and your carpets are reminiscent of the dirt and dust of hot, muggy, and rainy days. Body sweat and dead skin cells are most likely providing a top layer to the carpets in your living room, bedrooms, or business showrooms. With October at the cusp of the holiday blitz (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s), what better time to get those carpets cleaned than NOW so you don’t have to worry about it until next year.

Here are a few reasons (other than theory) for cleaning carpets in October:

  1. Cleaning carpets in October gives you a fresh start to the impending holidays and makes your home and/or business fresh…it is as simple as that. Fall weather, cool air, clean carpets. Done!
  2. The carpets will dry faster. For most people, October is a great weather month with cool, dry air, which is ideal for carpet drying. Drier air will help the cleaning process with less water in the air (humidity) and cool breezes. And, October is a great month to start opening those windows, which helps your carpets dry faster.
  3. Carpet cleaning companies will start to get busy during the holiday season, so October gets you in under the wire and you will most likely save money by booking early.
  4. Healthy Air – you are probably going to spend a lot more time indoors during the Winter season, so October makes it a perfect month to clean the carpets for a cleaner indoor environment.

Whichever activities your Fall brings, think about adding carpet cleaning to the mix. Getting it done now rather than later is a smart move and you will thank yourself come Thanksgiving. If you own a business, you need to think about both the home and office. For those of you that fall into this category, here’s another tip: you worry about your home carpets and let Anago take care of the cleaning of your business. After all, we are the best at making your business presentable for all the holiday traffic to come.


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