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Anago’s Very Scary Hallo-Cleany

Ghosts and ghouls come out for Halloween terrorizing dreams and imaginations of people, young and old alike. Falling leaves, creaky sounds, and cold breezes up your spine leave you to wonder if your sixth sense is working overtime, or if that chill up your spine is the result of something more sinister? It could be the spirits of the damned sprawling up from the depths of darkness or could be that you just realized how dirty your home or business has become in the fall season.

Well, as we can’t offer you much protection from the many haunted stories and paranormal activities of Halloween, we can share with you some of the more scary stories of dirty areas of your home and office that you should pay particular attention to this fall – perhaps cleaning these areas will help thwart off a ravenous attack from all hallowed eves most scariest of beings.

Here is a list of the scariest (meaning dirtiest) places in your home and office:

  • Kitchen sink (home and office break room) – this area is brutal to keep clean with all the raw meat, fish, leftover dinner items and everything else scary enough to make a flesh-eating troll stay hidden under its bridge. Make sure you give this area a good scrubbing with warm water, baking soda and vinegar to keep this area from becoming a hellish nightmare of bacteria.
  • The Coffee Maker Reservoir (home and office breakroom) – if you like a little dose of microbes in your morning coffee, then keep putting off cleaning your coffee maker. And hey, you can dress up as staph, strep or E. Coli for Halloween if you keep drinking from this uncleaned kitchen mainstay. Once per month you should wash it with soapy water, flush it with vinegar and run a couple of cycles with hot water.
  • The Remote Control (home and office breakroom) – before picking this up to turn on “The Blob” or “Friday the 13th” think about the hideous germs that are on the family remote. Every hand in the house has touched the remote and I’ll bet a bag of candy corn that it rarely gets cleaned. So, before you touch that remote, then stick your hand in the popcorn bag you just popped, try wiping it off with an anti-bacterial sanitizing wipe (front and back). Your gut will thank you more than it will for that bag of popcorn and soda.
  • Women’s handbag – recent tests found that a woman’s handbag is more contaminated than the average toilet. Think about it, handbags travel everywhere and are placed on everything – floors, public bathroom countertops, store check-out counters, etc. Just like the remote, you might want to consider wiping down that bag at least twice per week.

Please remember that germs are lurking everywhere, and not just like the goblins and ghosts on Halloween. Germs are everywhere and ready to scare the Beetlejuice out of you every day of the year. So BEWARE, BE WARNED but don’t BE AFRAID! Anago is here to help you keep your businesses clean.


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