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A Good First Impression Leaves A Lasting Impression

Valentine’s Day is here, and Cupid draws his bow ready to take aim. Millions of people across America are busy planning perfect, romantic evenings for their special someone and taking every step to ensure a memorable night. For many, this will be a chance to impress a love interest and leave them with a spectacular first impression that, they hope, will stand the test of time.

For us at Anago Cleaning Systems, this is how our customers feel every evening when they lock their businesses for the night, head home to their families, and our talented cleaning professionals roll in to get that business ready for the next day.

Our customers want a picture-perfect presentation, a fresh look and feel that makes them proud to court new customers and welcome returning patrons. It’s that jittery feeling of love at first sight. The difference is that we prepare for that perfect first impression daily, not just one night a year, which means we’ve perfected it!  Each day offers an opportunity to help our customers make lasting first impressions or impress long-time customers.

As you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner, just know that things may not always go as planned. Here are a few tips from Anago that may come in useful as you celebrate with your special someone.

Scenario: Red Wine Disaster Date – you’ve just sat down at the most romantic restaurant in town. You ordered some appetizers and your favorite red wine. As you gaze into each other’s eyes and toast the special evening, your date drops the wine glass and it lands in your lap. Evening ruined? Maybe the date is over, but your clothes will be fine for your next date if you follow these tips from an Anago Master Franchisee:

At the restaurant:

  1. Blot…DO NOT RUB! Dab at the red wine stain with a damp white cotton cloth to absorb any excess wine.

When you get home after dropping off your date:

  1. Pull the fabric taut. Slide a bowl under the fabric, centering the stain over the bowl.
  2. Sprinkle salt
  3. Add boiling water (Caution – VERY HOT).
  4. Machine wash.

Scenario: Chocolatey Mess – After a busy Valentine’s Day at your restaurant, you notice several large spots of melted chocolate and strawberry stains on the floor. After realizing that maybe you shouldn’t have offered strawberries and chocolate as part of your Valentine’s Day dinner special, what do you do? Well, as the restaurant owner or operator you do NOTHING – especially if Anago is on their way for their nightly cleaning of your establishment. Our qualified, dedicated staff will attack those stains with love and grace by:

  1. Applying baking soda to the stains
  2. Vacuuming the area with HEPA-filtration vacuums to remove excess baking soda covered chocolates and strawberries
  3. Applying our top-quality carpet cleaning products
  4. Cleaning in a circular motion to dab and absorb with a white cotton cloth
  5. Repeating the process as needed until the stains are gone and your carpet looks as good as new!

 A little poem to get you in the spirit:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Our customers love us

and you’ll love us too!

All of us at Anago wish you a special Valentine’s Day and hope your evening is a memorable one… for all the right reasons. While we can’t help with your romance, we can certainly partner with you to keep your business looking fresh and clean each and every day.


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