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New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions

In a few days, we will usher in the year 2020. You’ll surely be inundated with “New Year/New You” type messages between now and then.  We don’t want to change you – you’re great just the way you are – but we can offer some resolutions to keep your house clean throughout the New Year.

We’ll make it manageable for you – we’ll start with ten tips for the new year. If you do even a few of these, you’ll notice that “cleaning” isn’t as much a dreaded block of weekend time but a series of quick, easy everyday habits you can manage to keep your home de-cluttered.

  1. Make Your Bed. Not to sound like your nagging mom, but it really does make the bedroom so much nicer, and it starts your day with a good habit and cleanliness in mind.
  2. Shower and Spray. After each shower, spray the shower with a cleaner, wipe and rinse. It takes only a few seconds, but it saves you a block of time cleaning a grizzly shower on the weekend.
  3. Keep Your Cleaners Close. Store the cleaning solutions close to the surfaces on which you’ll be using them.  Nobody wants to go down to the basement for the bucket of cleaning goods just to haul it up the stairs and across the first floor.
  4. Clean As You Cook. Let’s face it, you don’t want to wash the bowls, spoons, and pans after dinner and if someone else does it, they won’t do it the right way anyway.  If you clean measuring cups, cutting boards, knives, and other kitchen tools while you cook then you can spend more time watching “Stranger Things” with the kids after dinner.
  5. Empty the Dishwasher While You Make Coffee. Speaking of dishes, it only takes a couple of minutes to empty the dishwasher, so do it in the morning and reward yourself with a cup of Joe when you’re done. This will go a long way to keeping the sink and counters clear during the day.
  6. Trashy Business. When you leave the house to go to work, take out the trash with you.  Then it’s “on the way” instead of “just another chore.”
  7. Key(s) to Organization. Keep your keys, coat and bag in the same place by the door. This avoids clutter and is a good first step towards better organization.
  8. Hands Full. Never leave a room empty-handed.  Surely there’s a coffee mug or a pair of shoes or a jacket that really does not belong in the room you’re in. Make a point to take something with you every time.
  9. Basket Catch. Keep a nice basket near the door to every room and put your clutter in it.  That way you can carry items out, or empty the basket each day when you arrive home from work or school.
  10. Shoulder the Load. Do one single load of laundry per day.  This will ease the hours-long routine on the weekends, including endless folding, if you simply do one load per day.  Much like keeping the dishwasher emptied, this will help avoid a backlog of dirty clothes and help things operate smoothly.

The coming year can be a great one. Buy yourself extra quality time by resolving to put some of these practices into motion in 2020. You’ll thank us, and that coffee will taste better because you already emptied the dishwasher and made your bed! Happy New Year!


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