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3 Easy Steps to Systemize Your Business

Systemization is an essential step in starting and scaling a business.

Many startup executives and business owners find themselves overwhelmed, overworked and under delivering on KPIs in the first few years of the company because they haven’t put forth a systemized approach to opening a business. This can lead to a costly mistake, but if executives and owners are willing to take the time to organize, strategize and develop their systems early on then the business is almost guaranteed to grow sustainably and smoothly in the future.

“No business can succeed to any great degree without being properly organized,” James Cash Penney.

When optimizing your business systems, understand that your company is only as strong as its weakest link, so putting in place strategic methods, procedures and policies will help strengthen all the areas that need to be addressed. Knowing exactly who is accountable for specific areas of the business, what is already in place to help sustain the business, and where your people can obtain key information within the business are critical aspects of maintaining consistent growth. In the world of franchising, systematization is even more important as it pertains to the business model.

Here are 3 easy steps to systemize your business and what you can do to make an immediate impact on your business.

Begin with your organizational chart.

Whether you’re a startup or a business looking to revamp its systems, beginning with your org chart is key. This gives you the opportunity to strategically lay out your roster of experts in each area of your business. Most people who start a business think they can save cash by handling all the initial business matters themselves, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Knowing your expertise as the founder and recognizing your weaknesses and where you’ll need the most help is crucial.

Take time to develop your training and onboarding process.

This is another BIG component of successfully systemizing your business. For a franchise in particular, one of the biggest mistakes brands make is not having a fully developed process for new staff, franchisees, or training personnel. Streamline the onboarding process by tasking current staff members with specific roles such as a marketing coordinator, financial manager, technical trainer, and operations administrator. You want to your new hires and franchisees to get acclimated to your brand, its people, and its systems.

Always have a tech expert in the room.

We live in a tech-driven society which means companies should be ahead of the curve systemizing their tech division. A great example of this is when Anago decided to promote one of their internal staff members from managing compliance to leading their tech efforts. By doing this, Anago was able to grow its digital footprint and develop one of the industry’s only proprietary apps for bidding and estimating. Not only has this advanced the ability to scale their digital growth but has helped thousands of their franchisees and staff members perform at optimum level.

When growing and starting a business, implementing systemization to your business is essential. This will help all departments perform efficiently and effectively and help boost morale. If you tackle outlining processes today, you’ll begin to see and feel immediate changes within your business. If you have any questions regarding Anago’s superior franchising opportunities, please contact Judy Walker (


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