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How to Tackle Spring Cleaning at the Office

As a homeowner, it’s important to kick off the season with a spring clean sweep. Nothing feels better than starting off springtime in a clean, organized home. Research even shows that a clean home is good for brain health. For businesses, healthcare facilities, and more, the benefits of a deep, spring clean can be life-changing. Some business owners have said that walking into a freshly cleaned workspace helps boost productivity throughout the entire season. The act of spring cleaning, especially for a business, can seem daunting, so that’s why we’re providing you with a few simple tips from our commercial cleaning experts.

Organizing 101
Start off by organizing all paperwork. This includes filing old documents into proper storage containers and labeling untitled documents. Another great way to cut back on storage space is scanning on old papers electronically and placing them in a cloud folder or onto a server. You may be surprised with how much room you’ll end up saving in your workspace when you ditch those big filing cabinets. Another fun way to rid your office of clutter is to host a “shred day.” Staff members bring unwanted papers to the shredding station and in an instant, your office is cleansed. It’s also a great way to engage employees and boosts overall morale. Organizing emails are also part of the spring cleaning regime. Be sure to delete any old emails that don’t have a purpose other than clogging your inbox. You can organize emails by dropping them into color-coded folders.

Prioritizing spaces
You’ll want to start with the highest traffic areas first since that’s usually what employees and clients see first when they walk in. Lobbies are usually a good start. Also, staff kitchens, restrooms, and conference or co-working rooms are equally as important. The best way to tackle high traffic areas is to be sure to clean spots such as baseboards, appliances, light fixtures, and furniture as they tend to collect the most dust over time. You can use microfiber cloths and multi-purpose cleaner for all.

Collective cleaning
The easiest way to tackle spring cleaning is to have all employees join in to help. Staff members can clean off their desk, sanitize all computers, telephones and printers and dust off all hanging artwork. Faux plants can also harvest dust, so be sure to clean off and spray down with water. Vacuuming is also key, but you must follow a strict policy of after each use, the dirt chamber must be cleaned out before it moves to the next office. This will help stop the spread of allergens and dirt.

Other areas to consider
If your building shares a janitorial closet, be sure that is cleaned as well. Storing cleaning supplies can become a hotbed for germs, so it’s important to stop the spread by cleaning it first. Door jams are also dirty, so be sure to count all the office and sanitize. Wall partitions are also equally as dirty and dusty, so don’t forget them. Any other areas that haven’t been touched in a while probably need a good dust and clean sweep.
If you believe in the power of spring cleaning, but don’t have the time or the proper tools to do the job, our commercial cleaning experts can help. You can find a designated Anago team by searching for the closest Anago Cleaning Systems in your area. If you’re an executive and are interested in learning more about Anago’s superior franchising opportunities, please contact Judy Walker (


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