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Debunking Myths on Millennials in the Workplace

The Millennial generation gets a bad rap from its predecessors. Typically, those born between 1982 and 2004 are labeled as self-absorbed, entitled, shallow, and narcissistic. Whether these labels are accurate, made-up stereotypes, or fit somewhere in the middle, the undeniable reality is that millennials will soon hold the majority of executive and C-suite level positions in the workplace, therefore, businesses need to understand the mindset of the next decision-making generation. The make-up of workplace and business culture is changing due to this new generation wave, even for commercial cleaning companies. For businesses to successfully adjust to Millennial decision makers, they need to understand the behavioral shift in how Millennials consume their information and adapt custom management styles.

In keeping with our theme, we’ve debunked some of the biggest stereotypes of Millennials and tips on how best to manage them in the workplace.

  1. Deserve a trophy for participation. Millennials are typically being accused of being entitled, meaning that they believe they deserve special treatment or privileges, however, in a recent survey conducted by Gallop, the study showed that they have the same ideals for workplace satisfaction that other generations look for as well. The only difference is that millennials aren’t afraid to ask for the necessities that will keep them content in the workplace. This could be an effect from watching their parents tirelessly work jobs without receiving essential employee benefits. Millennials desire a work-life balance, which requires managers to give flexibility to their coworkers. In fact, many millennials would give up a higher paying job for a job that offers lower pay but better options for work-life balance.
  2. Only care about getting ‘likes’ on their selfies. The “self-absorbed” stereotype of millennials stemmed from their use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Because they’ve been using these sites since they were young, they have grown up showcasing their lives to their friends. Another way to look at this is that millennials are very adept at technology. People of all generations are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram now, but millennials have grown and shaped how social media operates – they are the expert generation when it comes to technology. Businesses and managers should use this as the opportunity to change things that aren’t working in their industry with the power of new technology that they aren’t aware of, mainly when trying to sell a commercial client who may be of the Millennial generation.
  3. Instant messaging is a little too immediate. The technology industry has provided Millennials with the ability to work quickly, but it has also given way to the “impatient” Millennial. In the workplace, they desire constant feedback from their superiors. Managers should learn what levels of feedback their employees want and understand that this is important to how a Millennial employee functions in the workplace.
  4. Can’t be without a Wi-Fi connection. Millennials value working in groups, diversity of thought, and collaboration. A manager can apply this to their managing style and decisions by proving that they care about their employees’ opinions when making business decisions. Managers should also recognize that millennials do not want to be grouped in one category but to be identified as individuals with unique talents that when working altogether can produce the best result.

We’ve been talking about Millennials, their stereotypes, and closing the generational gap in the workplace for many years, but it’s time businesses begin implementing processes for adapting to Millennials. They will soon become the leaders in Fortune 500 companies and majority owners of franchises across the country. At Anago, we are always finding new ways to serve clients, Franchisees and the Millennial staff and evolving our workplace culture. If you’re a Millennial looking to break into the commercial cleaning space, please contact Judy Walker, Vice President of Marketing at


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