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5 Simple Ways to Clean Your Office and Boost Productivity

Let’s face it. Everyone wants a clean office. Not only does an immaculate workspace promote a healthy work environment, but research shows that walking into a spotless office boosts productivity and even employee morale. It is important to understand the processes and procedures as they relate to cleaning a workspace. Unfortunately, many commercial cleaners fail to properly sanitize the entire office which can ultimately lead to a decline in the success of a business. Our commercial cleaning experts have compiled a list of key areas around the office that require special attention.

Hanging artwork and picture frames can be dust traps

Art is a proven way for decreasing stress and increasing creativity, especially in a small, intimate office. Whether it’s calming views of the ocean or inspiring, motivational quotes, cleaners should pay special attention to artwork as it can harvest dust and allergens which can be transferred into air vents into additional spaces in the office. To properly dust frames, you remove the pictures from the wall and use a microfiber cloth to dust all angles, but always moving from top to bottom to avoid distributing the dust elsewhere. The dust can then be vacuumed.

Don’t ignore those dry erase boards

Everyone loves a bright, white dry erase board. Your allergies will love a clean board as well since studies show that the remnants of a dry eraser can lead to a reaction towards chemical allergens. To reduce the appearance of a potentially messy workplace, thoroughly clean using hand sanitizer, or peroxide with a paper towel. It is a simple way to boost productivity during a brainstorming meeting or client presentation.

Dusty bookshelves can spread allergens

Overlooking books and bookshelves can cause serious problems for asthma and allergy sufferers. It is important that office cleaners take time to clean them. In order to properly restore a dusty bookshelf, starting from the top and working your way down is key. Cleaners should also be sure to dust all six sides of the books. Once both the shelves and the books are sanitized, a vacuum should be used to pick up all dust particles.

Keep those office chairs in good condition

A comfortable office chair is critical for concentration, creativity, and efficiency, however, fabric and leather chairs can sometimes collect food particles, dust, and bacteria.  Though it isn’t required to be sanitized often, according to our experts, this is one of the most widely ignored office items but is the easiest to clean. Equally as important is identifying the furniture material and knowing what products to use. To sanitize an office chair, a commercial cleaner should mix a solution of dishwashing detergent and several teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide and use a microfiber cloth to soak up the dust particles. This will help minimize the amount of dust in the air.

Studies show that working in a clean, organized environment promotes work output and productiveness among team members and has a number of benefits towards overall business success. If you are a property owner or facility manager and would like to learn more about office cleaning tactics and are interested in hiring a commercial cleaning team, please contact Anago at (800) 956-8532. Additionally, if you are interested in becoming a business owner and are looking into our Master Franchise model, please contact Judy Walker at


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