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The Common Denominator Shared By Every Great Corporate Leader

In any given industry, great leadership is paramount to success. Much has changed in the last five years, including the traditional role of a company leader. The business market is the most competitive it’s ever been and talent retention is the hottest topic at the table. The biggest companies with the largest network of happy, healthy employees all tend to share one common thread – exceptional leadership. That’s why now more than ever, it’s important to understand how the leaders of today are shaping the way businesses run.

“People buy into the leaders before they buy into the vision.” – John C. Maxwell

Really good leaders always find a way to differentiate themselves from others in a positive way. You don’t need to be liked by everyone, but there are common traits that every leader should possess in order to successfully lead a company. For franchising, great leadership is key to growth because it attracts the right talent for the job. Not everyone is designed to become a franchise owner or developer, but with the right leader at the helm, a franchise can become one of the most profitable business ventures in the market.

Though the roles of today’s leaders have evolved, the core traits of what makes a remarkable leader have not. As we look at the people who are driving the role of great leadership in a new direction, many if not all, share similar traits with each other. Key attributes such as being a good listener, sound decision making, exercising humility, finding profitable solutions and reciprocating respect are all at the core of today’s most extraordinary leaders. According to Jenny Blake, Google’s former career coach, the single-most important action the best of the best have displayed is active listening. In addition to being a good listener; however, there are other essential traits leaders share even in today’s competitive landscape.

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Actively listen to employees, especially when they are confiding in you to help them resolve an issue they’re having whether it’s in their department or with another colleague.

Prioritize between really good ideas and realistic expectations. Sometimes people come up with big ideas, but great leaders are always thinking ten steps ahead to how those ideas can affect the bottom line.

Make sound decisions, but don’t be afraid of calculated risk. Leaders will always face risk-taking, but only the best tend to make ones based on the good of their people.

Exercise humility when dealing with personal situations. Sometimes work can be chaotic for employees, others are suffering from something outside of work, so it’s important to remember in difficult situations, people should be led not managed.

Reciprocate respect. As John C. Maxwell describes as the “Pinnacle,” or highest level of leadership, earning the respect of employees is only done through showing the same respect back to employees.

“In today’s ultra-competitive landscape, finding and retaining the right people is absolutely critical to an organization’s success,” says Adam Povlitz, President of Anago Cleaning Systems. “If you have a pool of talented people, your job as their leader is to constantly motivate and inspire them to do great work.”

If you are interested in learning more about Anago’s leadership opportunities and believe your career successes and interpersonal accomplishments match those of a Master Franchise Owner, please contact Judy Walker at or visit


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