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100 Franchises You Can Start for Less Than $50,000

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Be the boss with just $50K.
Interested in finding a franchise that fits your budget? The following are the top franchises that can be started for less than $50,000, ranked based on the scores they received in the 2017 Franchise 500.
This list is not intended as a recommendation of any particular company. To find the right opportunity for you, regardless of cost, it’s important that you do your due diligence. Carefully read the company’s franchise disclosure document, consult with a franchise attorney and an accountant, and talk to existing and former franchisees about their experiences.
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Real estate

Startup cost: $37.5K-$224K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 7,217/0

Jan-Pro Franchising International 

Commercial cleaning

Startup cost: $3.99K-$51.6K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 8,224/0

HomeVestors of America

Home buying, repair, and selling

Startup cost: $44K-$347.3K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 724/0

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors

Home inspections

Startup cost: $33.9K-$42.3K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 541/0


Plumbing, drain, and sewer cleaning

Startup cost:  $46.8K-$137.6K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 609/3

Stratus Building Solutions

Commercial cleaning

Startup cost: $3.5K-$64.6K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 1,508/0


Commercial cleaning

Startup cost: $16.8K-$49.4K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 8,871/0

Cruise Planners

Travel agencies

Startup cost: $2.1K-$22.9K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 2,432/1


Group fitness classes, conventions, apparel, and accessories

Startup cost: $3.5K-$12.9K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 8,880/0

Synergy HomeCare

Nonmedical home care

Startup cost: $35.4K-$149.4K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 338/0

Anago Cleaning Systems

Commercial cleaning

Startup cost: $10.5K-$65.6K
Total franchises/co.-owned:1,458/0

Novus Glass

Auto glass repair and replacement

Startup cost: $49.97K-$268.9K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 1,953/41

Jantize America

Commercial cleaning

Startup cost: $29.6K-$207K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 291/0

Estrella Insurance

Auto, home, and business insurance

Startup cost: $49.95K-$84K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 121/0

Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Commercial cleaning

Startup cost: $10.9K-$39.4K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 3,167/0

Chem-Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and stone care, granite renewal

Startup cost: $31.8K-$155.5K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 3,498/0

CruiseOne/Dream Vacations

Travel agencies

Startup cost: $3.2K-$21.9K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 1,090/0

Fiesta Auto Insurance and Tax

Insurance and tax-preparation services

Startup cost: $49.7K-$107.5K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 155/0

Chester’s Chicken


Startup cost: $3.2K-$21.9K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 1,116/0

You’ve Got Maids

Environmentally friendly residential cleaning

Startup cost: $36.4K-$107K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 63/0

Mosquito Squad

Outdoor pest control

Startup cost: $29.6K-$69.6K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 201/0


Nonmedical home care

Startup cost: $33.7K-$52.7K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 108/0

Window Gang

Window, gutter, and dryer-vent cleaning, pressure washing, chimney sweeping

Startup cost:$34.4K-$81.2K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 90/96

Bricks 4 Kidz

Lego-engineering classes, camps, parties

Startup cost: $34.5K-$52.8K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 659/2

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center

Early-learning/fitness programs

Startup cost: $36.8K-$249.7K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 425/0

WIN Home Inspection

Home inspections

Startup cost: $36.2K-$53.5K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 192/0


Wood floor and cabinet refinishing

Startup cost: $24.3K-$147.3K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 425/0

NaturaLawn of America 

Organic-based lawn care

Startup cost: $42.5K-$112.7K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 72/8

Mr. Sandless/Dr. DecknFence

Interior and exterior sandlesswood refinishing

Startup cost:$26.8K-$87.4K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 250/11

National Property Inspections 

Home and commercial property inspections

Startup cost: $43.2K-$47K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 219/0

Colors On Parade

Mobile auto paint and dent repair

Startup cost: $33.8K-$103K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 229/10

Property Management Inc. 

Commercial, residential, and association property management

Startup cost: $19.4K-$60K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 153/2

Buildingstars International 

Commercial cleaning

Startup cost: $2.2K-$53.2K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 682/0

H&R Block

Tax preparation, electronic filing

Startup cost: $31.5K-$149.2K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 4,208/6,614

Club Z! In-HomeTutoring Services

In-home tutoring

Startup cost: $33.6K-$57.6K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 388/0

Soccer Shots Franchising 

Soccer programs for ages 2 to 8

Startup cost: $31.8K-$39K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 172/9

Jet-Black Franchise Group

Asphalt maintenance

Startup cost: $43K-$100.2K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 88/10

SuperGlass Windshield Repair

Windshield repair, glass scratch removal, headlight lens repair

Startup cost: $9.9K-$31K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 325/0

Little Kickers

Preschool soccer programs

Startup cost: $23.2K-$34.6K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 251/1

Engineering for Kids

Math, science, technology, and engineering activities

Startup cost: $27.2K-$93.6K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 152/1

Coffee News

Weekly newspapers distributed at restaurants

Startup cost: $9.8K-$10.8K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 834/5

Oxi Fresh Franchising

Carpet, upholstery, hardwood floor, tile, and grout cleaning

Startup cost: $38.9K-$66.9K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 298/6

Drama Kids International

After-school drama classes and summer camps

Startup cost: $28.6K-$48.2K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 216/0

AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services

Home inspections

Startup cost: $46.8K-$58.7K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 271/0

CEO Focus

Peer consulting groups for small-business owners

Startup cost: $41.5K-$63K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 29/1


Garage cabinets, floor coatings, organization products

Startup cost: $48.1K-$85.98K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 34/0

Lil’ Angels Photography

School, childcare, and family photography

Startup cost: $36.3K-$40.8K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 59/0

Concrete Raising of America 

Concrete raising, leveling, stabilizing, and repairs; cement grout injection

Startup cost: $34.9K-$249.4K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 16/3

Aire-Master of America

Restroom odor-control and maintenance

Startup cost: $39.6K-$142.4K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 105/7

Interior Magic International

Auto appearance reconditioning

Startup cost: $33.1K-$100.1K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 50/0

Flower Tent

Flower stores

Startup cost: $30.9K-$69.6K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 61/9

Town Money Saver

Direct-mail advertising

Startup cost: $5.7K-$17K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 44/0

Wine & Design

Paint-and-sip studios

Startup cost: $46.2K-$95K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 64/1

The Decor Group

Holiday and event lighting

Startup cost: $19.6K-$62.3K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 259/0

Leadership Management 

Leadership and organization training and development

Startup cost: $20K-$27.5K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 463/0

HappyFeet Legends International

Soccer programs for ages 2 to 18

Startup cost: $22.5K-$29.4K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 165/3

Rhea Lana’s Franchise Systems 

Children’s consignment events

Startup cost: $18.1K-$36.1K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 74/3


Commercial cleaning, facility services

Startup cost: $17K-$124.5K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 343/7

Certified Restoration DryCleaning Network 

Restoration of textiles and electronics

Startup cost: $45.6K-$235.5K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 156/0

Kinderdance International 

Movement/educational programs

Startup cost: $17.95K-$46.1K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 136/2


Printing and promotional products

Startup cost: $4.7K-$50.2K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 675/0

Just Between Friends Franchise Systems 

Children’s and maternity consignment events

Startup cost: $32.8K-$45.4K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 148/0

Unishippers Global Logistics 

Shipping services

Startup cost: $45K-$421.4K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 206/109


Direct-mail advertising

Startup cost: $34.9K-$135.8K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 14/2

Duct Doctor USA 

Residential and commercial air-duct cleaning

Startup cost: $41K-$136.5K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 27/0

Touching Hearts At Home

Nonmedical home care for seniors and people with disabilities

Startup cost: $48.4K-$69.1K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 50/0

Happy & Healthy Products 

Frozen fruit bars

Startup cost: $49.7K-$92.1K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 58/0

The Glass Guru

Window and glass restoration and replacement

Startup cost: $37.3K-$135.8K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 89/0

Amazing Athletes

Educational sports programs

Startup cost: $39.4K-$52.9K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 95/0

Bloomin’ Blinds

Window-covering sales, installation, and repairs

Startup cost: $47.4K-$111.7K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 14/1

Pet Butler

Pet-waste cleanup and removal

Startup cost: $30K-$42K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 130/0


Franchise consulting

Startup cost: $44.3K-$81.4K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 66/0


Wood floor refinishing

Startup cost: $40.6K-$64.7K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 13/1

Street Corner

Convenience stores

Startup cost: $45.6K-$1.5M
Total franchises/co.-owned: 38/1

Mint Condition Franchising 

Commercial cleaning, building maintenance

Startup cost: $4.9K-$45.4K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 330/0

RSVP Publications

Direct-mail advertising

Startup cost: $44.4K-$176K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 89/0

Image One Facility Solutions 

Commercial cleaning

Startup cost: $34.4K-$103.2K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 96/0

CleanNet USA 

Commercial cleaning

Startup cost: $17.98K-$46.5K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 2,549/10


Residential cleaning

Startup cost: $29.9K-$64.7K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 9/2

Masterpiece Mixers Paint & Party Studios

Paint-and-sip studios

Startup cost: $27.6K-$65.3K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 11/4


Science, technology, engineering, art, and math classes

Startup cost: $18.3K-$33K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 42/1


Discount real estate

Startup cost: $24K-$45.5K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 158/1

OMEX – Office Maintenance Experts

Commercial cleaning and maintenance management

Startup cost: $40.4K-$70.6K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 24/1

The Grout Medic

Grout and tile maintenance, restoration

Startup cost: $24.7K-$57.95K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 56/0

Homes & Land

Real estate marketing magazines

Startup cost: $47.5K-$116K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 194/15

TGA Premier Junior Golf

Golf enrichment programs

Startup cost: $19.3K-$72.4K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 50/2

Get A Grip Franchising 

Countertop, cabinet, tub, tile, and shower resurfacing

Startup cost: $43.6K-$92.7K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 18/1

Home Cleaning Centers of America

Residential and commercial cleaning

Startup cost: $32.8K-$34.8K
Total franchises/co.-owned: 30/0

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