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What Franchise Brands Can Do to Differentiate Themselves in Highly Competitive Markets

In a crowded, competitive space, a brand’s only chance of survival is to stand out. For franchises, finding those key differentiators is critical to a brand’s overall success and a strategy that will help gain a clear advantage over other competitors. For example, Instagram and Snapchat offer similar services on their social platforms, but Snapchat has differentiated their model to be a “gone in seconds” approach where users feel more comfortable pushing live content on their accounts versus Instagram’s stand-alone model where photos remain on the platform permanently. In this instance, Snapchat’s mission to deliver organic, real-time user generated content has helped the brand surpass its competitors as the most widely used social media platform in the world. Another great example is Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Though Whole Foods made their mark as the number one destination for healthy foods, price is Trader Joe’s point of differentiation, as they market themselves as the affordable destination for healthy foods. Now, research shows that Trader Joe’s is surpassing every other competitor in the healthy grocer sector, even taking down the big green giant.

This same philosophy is true in the commercial cleaning industry. In 2015, research shows there were approximately 875,000 businesses nationwide. The cleaning business is a $100 billion industry.  Though franchised commercial cleaning companies make up a smaller percentage of that sector, it is important to distinguish your key differentiators to client and vendors. So how do you accomplish that? We’ve compiled a list of our top recommendations for standing out among the rest of your competitors.

  1. Develop a strong proposition.This means if you’re going to bid on a client’s business, don’t over promise something you can’t deliver. Go in with a solid knowledge of who they are, what their needs are and how you can fill the gap in quality of service.
  2. Create relationships with current clients. Referrals are sometimes the number one source of new business for some companies, so maintaining those relationships by providing current customers with offers such as service guarantees, free trials, rewards, etc. is key.
  3. Provide exceptional professional development opportunities. Customers want to know they’re getting the absolute best service for their money. The only way to showcase that during the sales process is to highlight what you do to ensure quality service.
  4. Create a killer value proposition.You want entrepreneurs to invest in your franchise which means you must provide them with a robust plan from start to finish. From your branding to onboarding to sales goals, all aspects of your company should be distinct.
  5. Give to a higher cause.As a large commercial cleaning franchise, sustaining our profitability year-after-year is important; however, creating opportunities for other entrepreneurs to become business owners is what we truly believe in. Our mission is to provide people with the opportunity to dream big and make it big. Part of your brand’s mission should be the same, whether that’s through charitable giving or providing jobs, supporting a cause is critical to your business’s growth.



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