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Ghostbusters and Anago’s Germ Busters. Who Are You Gonna Call?

The Ghostbusters Phenomenon Is Back!

The new mega blockbuster movie proves that the franchise is here to stay, and with a new spin this time – an all-female cast. How can we not support the trilogy when we have so much in common? You might be asking yourself, ‘how does Anago relate to the Ghostbusters’? We’re both a part of Franchise systems that fight the strange, unusual, and the unnatural. In fact, we are superheroes.

Ghostbusters and Anago’s Superheroes: Why are we equals?

Just as the Ghostbusters’ mission is to search and destroy ghosts, it’s Anago’s mission to seek out and destroy all germs across the planet with the help of our germ busters. Our Franchisees burst onto scenes with one goal in mind: to wipe out paranormal microorganisms leaving no trace behind. Anago Franchisees are here to serve and protect people; they don’t let any germs stop them from creating a safe environment for all.

Why did the Ghostbusters franchise choose an all-female cast? To re-invent themselves, just like germs do! Flu viruses change and are constantly mutating. Although we fully support the reinvention of the Ghostbusters, Anago’s Franchisees are on a full mission to defend the people against virus mutations that often lead to illness.

Our enemies (germs & ghosts) are often invisible to the naked eye but live among the living, and it takes a thorough mission to seek them out. Just like Ghostbusters, we have a plan of action. We use state-of-the art equipment and supplies such as microfiber products to eliminate bacterial transfer and preserve human health and environmental quality. A sanitized environment causes everyone to be be healthier, happier, and more productive. The Ghostbusters also provide a safe and happier environment.

Our weapons are our chosen method of attack! The infamous proton pack is worn by the Ghostbusters to weaken ghosts and was designed with a hand-held wand connected to a backpack to suck ghosts inside. Anago’s method of attack is our notorious backpack vacuum that uses strong suction and a powerful filtration system to capture airborne particles leaving the air and environment as clean as possible.

Ghostbusters and Anago Franchisees have one mission: to defend the planet against all invasions big or small. Whether you want become the germ buster and be a part of a successful Franchise system like the Ghostbusters or you need our germ busters to come to you and clean your offices, you should call Anago.

Who are you gonna call? Anago!


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