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On Son and Daughter Day: There is a solution to spending more time with family

Son and Daughter’s Day is an unofficial holiday, but it has the same objective as Mother’s/Father’s Day; to spend time with family. If you don’t get to see your family as often as you’d like, there may be a solution.

It may be hard to spend time with your parents or children due to tight schedules and hectic careers, but starting a family business may be the best way to tackle this challenge. Chairman and Founder, David Povlitz, spends time with his children, Adam Povlitz and Lisa Ritenour, everyday. David Povlitz founded Anago Cleaning Systems over 25 years ago, and today he has the privilege of seeing his son and daughter frequently.

Not only does David get to spend time with his children daily, he gets to pass along the secrets and lessons of owning a business. In order to pass on his legacy, he required his children to get their hands dirty. Adam and Lisa started as telemarketers, calling prospective leads to win cleaning contracts. From there, they spent time scrubbing toilets and mopping the facilities that Anago was contracted to clean. Ultimately, they performed every role of the Master Franchise office from cleaning, to sales and customer service. Although David’s methods were based from tough love, it was time well spent teaching his children the family business, all while creating memories along the way.

“It’s an honor to continue what my father started,” Lisa says. “It’s amazing to be able to work with my family every day. It also can be challenging, but it’s rewarding on most days.”

Adam left his job in the finance department at IBM’s North America sales and distribution division to work alongside his father and sister. “It was definitely a humbling experience, going from corporate finance to working with my father. We always make it a point to have lunch on Thursday afternoons though” Adam says. After years of diligent training, David was able to promote his son to President of Anago Cleaning Systems.

If you wish to have a career, leave a legacy, and spend time with those with who you love the most, starting a family business may be the best path to take.

If owning your own business is not in the cards at the moment, be sure to let your parents and/or children how you feel about them continuously. Call them randomly, send inspirational text messages or emails, and be sure to spend as much quality time together as you can.


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