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Conshohocken Man Grows Franchise Business in Health Care Cleaning

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CONSHOHOCKEN — Dominic Toscani has a master obsession with germs.

Getting rid of germs, to be more precise.

As a designated master owner of Anago Cleaning Systems for the past 11 years, Toscani has grown his Conshohocken-based territory to nearly 30 franchisee owners who earn up to $40,000 a month, which is significantly higher than what a typical Anago franchisee earns.

With health care facilities like Urgent Care and medical centers popping up everywhere, Toscani’s Anago Philadelphia — which covers parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware — is cleaning up with its specialized approach to sanitizing the world.

“We began as a general cleaning service but started focusing on doctors’ offices and health care centers in the last seven years or so,” Toscani said. “We acquired one health care company, and I asked questions about different aspects of their business and from that one thing led to another. We really cut our teeth on understanding what it would take to satisfy the needs of the health care industry, which involves things like disinfecting, knowing what chemicals to use. So we built from that, and from regular doctors’ offices we branched out to oncology centers, renal care, surgical centers.”

The possibilities stop just short of hospitals, Toscani said.

“We don’t go after hospitals because they’re so large … and they’re union. Our bread and butter is the middle-of-the-road health care facility. Anything that you would think of as health care, outside of the hospital. We’ve really found our own niche market in the area.”

Anago Cleaning Systems was founded in South Florida in the early ’90s and has grown to more than 30 master franchise offices like Toscani’s, which oversee more than 2,000 franchises in the U.S. and internationally.

Last year, Anago was named one of the 10 fastest-growing franchises by Entrepreneur magazine.

The process of bringing a franchisee into the fold goes well beyond supplying them with mops and brooms and wishing them good luck.

With his salesmanship in acquiring clients for every franchisee leading the way, Toscani said he has as much invested in a franchisee’s business as the franchisee himself.

“We are not a typical fly-by-night janitorial service,” Toscani said, explaining that franchise owner-operators go through extensive training and receive certification in industry safety standards, pathogens, infection control and personal protective equipment.

“They are all independently incorporated, stand-on-their-own-two-feet business owners, but I have obligations to each franchisee for support, sales, orientation in different products and services. It’s a constantly evolving a two-way-street. They have obligations to my office to implement the plan based on their orientation and specifications to keep the client happy and also to learn about new products. It’s all about helping them grow their business, providing them with this complete system so they can then train their employees.”

A franchise can exist quite happily as just a husband and wife partnership, or a company with 15 employees, because the growth of each business is entirely up to the individual owner, Toscani allowed.

“Once you give them the Anago program and you support them, it’s really up to the individuals as far as what they want to do. Some will keep their day jobs and clean at night; others will keep their day jobs for a while and then the business grows to the point where they’re doing it full time. Ideally, that’s what I want for all of them. You have to have a lot of integrity in this business because you are taking that prospective franchisee’s hard-earned money … someone who wants to live the American dream of business ownership but just doesn’t know how to get there.”

As a master owner, the recruitment of franchisees is ongoing and the quality must be consistent, Toscani said.

“It’s like McDonald’s. If there are 20 clients in Chicago and 20 in Los Angeles, they all get the same branded flavor nationwide. Locally, we have our own flavor that we do in terms of how we do things.”

Toscani likens his crucial role to being the glue that holds the whole process together.

“My overhead is low because I don’t have a lot of management players. I’m the first point of contact when a client says they’re interested in getting a quote. I’m out there selling the franchisees personally and also selling the clients personally. It’s a very challenging job, because not only do I have to beat out the normal stereotype of a cleaner, but you have to go beyond that and say why I’m a better flavor of franchisee for them. As long as I’m doing my job right,” he added, “the client is happy and the franchisee is happy because I’m going to put the two together correctly.”

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