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Young Franchise Owner Has Big Plans

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When Bruno Lima moved to the United States, he may not have expected that he and his family would be opening franchises across the state of Utah. However, that’s the position he finds himself today. At 23, Lima, who is graduating this year from Brigham Young University, is now the youngest Master Franchise owner for Anago Cleaning Systems. Lima has plans of opening up 20 franchised units in 2013.

“We moved to the United States 14 years ago, from Sao Paulo,” said Lima. “The economy was doing much better here than it was in Brazil, so we wanted to live the American dream. My father got his master’s in business and my mother did also. Originally when we first got here, he got his masters and paid for it by cleaning the school.”

Upon reaching the tail end of his college career, Bruno found himself pondering his future in the job market. With job prospects being low for new graduates, Lima and his parents sought a solution by contacting Anago Cleaning Systems and attending their discovery day.

“My parents had their own business, but it was very hard to grow our own private business.” Lima says. “When you try to get a contract, they want to see that you’re a big business, that you have referrals, that you have marketing, that you have advertising, have this and have that. So we were looking into growing the business, and they used to work with Anago 6-7 years ago, and they really liked the system, so we contacted them and find out how we could work with them, and everything worked out perfectly, so we decided to run with Anago.”

“They have a great story to tell someone,” Judy Walker, Anago Vice President of Marketing said. “‘I was in your shoes, I owned a small business, but I wanted to take it to the next level.’ And the unit franchisee, they want to earn a second income, or live that dream of owning a small business. I am very confident in their success.”

Lima and his family realize that their hard work and determination will set the bar for their business endeavor.

“Our future depended on if we work hard enough or not. It’s nice to know that if we do our job, then we can grow,” states Lima. “Then we can help other people, help the economy by helping people grow their business, and also helping them (our franchises) hire employees, so then we can help not only our franchises, but also their employees. It’s nice to know that maybe that one little thing we do can help a lot of people in the long run.”

Throughout the process of setting up the Master Franchise in Utah, Lima and his family made quite an impression among the corporate staff at Anago Cleaning Systems.

“I just think the world of him. And I know the world is his oyster,” Walker says. “He will do extremely well following the Anago system and having that integrity, the knowledge, the energy to run that business, and combined with our system, his success is guaranteed.” Says Walker.

With their next chapter in the United States on the horizon, the Lima family is looking towards a bright future in Utah with Anago Cleaning Systems.


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