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Rocket Scientist becomes Anago Master Franchise Owner

Ken further remarked that although in his early days as an engineer he helped in the design of the Pershing II nuclear missile system for a defense contractor, that his career twists and turns lead him into executive management positions and finally to wanting to buy his own business.  Ken said, “At this point in my life, I want to be in control. In control of my career, my financial return, and to build equity for myself and my family”.  Ken looked at numerous independent businesses and franchise opportunities for nearly 3 months before deciding to go with Anago.  “It was the business model, the huge market size, the relatively few professional competitors, and most of all, the support I felt from AFI and the other Masters that I interviewed that pushed Anago to the top of my list.  I couldn’t be more excited to get started” he stated.

So, the variety of backgrounds of our Master Franchise Owners continues to expand.  But don’t ask Ken to calculate missile trajectories any more.  His new target is personal and professional success and satisfaction in owning his own Anago Master Franchise.

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Visit Ken on the web at Anago of Eastern Ohio.