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Anago of Baltimore Franchisees are trusted for commercial cleaning throughout the region. Our Franchise Owners have experience working with elite companies, making sure they make the right first impression. Our dedicated Franchise Owners are passionate about what they do and it shows in the quality of their work. They take the time to understand the needs of each of their clients before creating a customized proposal that incorporates their expectations, budget, and schedule, working together to decide the frequency and scope of the service.


Anago of Baltimore Franchisees are proud of the quality of their work and their dedication to the clients. They go above and beyond to exceed expectations. Additionally, clients have access to a 24/7 customer service line; reach out with any of your questions or concerns.

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Anago Protection+ Disinfection®

3 levels of disinfection services to provide the protection you need in your commercial space

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Disrupting the Commercial Cleaning Industry
with Radical Transparency and Preventive Analytics

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Tech-driven Solutions

Our data-driven approach enables us to monitor, optimize, and tailor cleaning processes and methods to the unique needs of each facility for worry-free service

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Smart Cleaning

Our signature 10-step disinfection process guarantees a workspace free from harmful viruses and bacteria

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30+ Years of Experience

An award-winning multi-tiered model with over 30 years of industry expertise and trusted by over 125,000 clients

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2-Hour Response

Streamlined communication with your service provider through our proprietary application, CleanCom®, featuring a built-in translator for real-time interaction

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