Experience testimonials from Anago Cleaning Systems’ Master Franchise Owners as they share their success stories.

    "We were most impressed by the passion of the Anago Team. Their help in starting up our business saved us lots of time and money! Anago Cleaning Systems' support staff was with us from day one and has been available every day since then. For us, this is a family business, and we can always count on the ‘Anago Family’ to be there."

    -David Ross & Bill Ross
    Anago of Western Pennsylvania

    “Having made the decision to own our own business, we searched for a franchise that would give us freedom to operate within a proven structure with unlimited growth potential. We compared Anago Cleaning Systems to other industries and they surpassed our pre-purchase goals. Since joining, we are so pleased with our decision. We wish we had done this years ago.”

    - Mark & Susan Cashman,
    Anago of Baltimore and Anago of Montclair

    “Getting a new business off the ground can be difficult. Anago Cleaning Systems has effectively developed a system that simply needs to be followed in order to be successful. We operated our own business for 25 years - what a relief to have a business model already in place. Just follow the system! Now we can spend our time on what really counts - franchise sales and client sales. With Anago Cleaning Systems, by following the system and taking advantage of their knowledge, you will succeed!”

    - Curt & Terry Albertson,
    Anago of Cincinnati and Anago of Dayton

    "The transition was easy for me because of my experience as a former Unit Franchise Owner for a competitor. I was attracted to Anago by the multiple revenue streams, less inventory and personnel, and increased free time. Anago’s training and support continued well after my opening, and continue today. I’m glad I made the decision to become an Anago Master Owner. My business has grown substantially and will continue to grow into the future."

    - Darren Williams,
    Anago of Washington D.C.

    "I was the owner of a conventional cleaning company with a plate full of problems, from clients not paying on time to employees not showing up for work. I was amazed when I learned about Anago. They showed me a comprehensive system that would give me the free time and lifestyle that I had dreamed about. I am now extremely successful, and the proud owner of 2 Master territories. I am truly thankful that I became involved with Anago!"

    - Jeff Schaffer,
    Anago of Cleveland and Anago of Columbus

    A proud member of Vet-Fran. Supporting veterans and their franchises.
    Franchise Business Review Top 50 Franchise
    Franchising Member International Franchise Association
    Anago is proud to be a Canadian Franchise Association Member
    ISSA Cleaning Association

    Our Mission: Our Franchisees. Their Success.

    Anago Cleaning Systems provides Master Franchise Owners with the ability to start their own business in the profitable commercial cleaning industry with the foundation and support of an established, technologically advanced organization. As a Master Franchise Owner, you will sell, coach, and support Janitorial Franchise Owners in a designated region using Anago Cleaning Systems’ proven concepts and methods. Franchise Fee for most Anago Master Territories is $59,000. Including the Franchise Fee, you will need access to working capital of $154K - $257K.

    Exclusive Developmental Rights

    Anago is proud to be ranked as Franchise Rankings #1 Janitorial Franchise

    As an Anago Cleaning Systems Master Franchise Owner, you will be provided with the exclusive developmental rights to sell Anago Cleaning Systems’ Janitorial Franchises and gain commercial cleaning clients within your territory. Each territory consists of a minimum population base of 500,000 people with a business census of at least 5,000 establishments. Click here to learn more about an Anago Master Franchise.

    Brand Recognition

    With Anago Cleaning Systems, you can be assured that your Master Franchise will gain the benefits of our nationally-recognized brand name and our reputation for providing janitorial excellence. As a dominant organization in the franchised commercial cleaning industry for over 20 years and our reputation for supporting our Franchise Owners and clients, Anago Cleaning Systems’ brand recognition signifies a distinct, genuine name within the market.

    Network Support

    Anago Cleaning Systems Master Franchise Owners are provided with ongoing support from the corporate office in South Florida. The Anago Team is always available to provide assistance and feedback on all components of your business including sales, daily operations, accounting practices, and overall management.

    The support does not end there. As an Anago Cleaning Systems Master Franchise Owner, you will also receive the backing of our network of Master Franchise Owners. These individuals are a valuable source for you to discuss new ideas, gain business advice, or simply just ask for help. Click here to learn more about an Anago Master Franchise.

    Initial and Ongoing Training

    By becoming an Anago Cleaning Systems Master Franchise Owner, you will be presented with initial and ongoing training to assist you with the development of your business. Training on site in your location will provide you with education in all aspects of your business, from finding an office location, book-keeping practices, and software systems to hiring employees, selling franchises, and servicing accounts. Utilizing our SmartClean, 5-Step Office, and 10-Step Restroom cleaning programs, you will be thoroughly educated in efficiently servicing your clients.

    Anago Cleaning System’s training program encompasses a hands-on approach enabling you to learn the cleaning techniques to help you educate your Janitorial Franchise Owners. With this system, you will effectively coach your Franchise Owners to the level that is necessary to ensure client satisfaction. Anago Cleaning Systems will also assist you with establishing a rewards system to recognize client’s loyalty and ultimately increase your account retention. This system will also compensate the efforts of your Janitorial Franchise Owners in providing outstanding cleaning practices.

    Ongoing training includes support visits from Anago Cleaning Systems’ executives, annual sales and administrative meetings, and updates on the latest cleaning techniques, products, and equipment available to maximize your business. Anago Cleaning Systems also holds an annual convention for Master Franchise Owners. This convention is designed to be a meeting place for Master Franchise Owners to network with one another and gain additional knowledge on company happenings, new business practices, and other pertinent topics to assist in the growth of your franchise.

    Billing and Collection Services

    As an Anago Cleaning Systems Master Franchise Owner, you will be responsible for providing the billing and collection services for your Janitorial Franchise Owners. By supplying these services, your Franchise Owners can then concentrate solely on providing quality service to your clients. Anago Cleaning Systems’ enhanced software programs will enable you to provide these services with ease so that you can focus on the profitability of your business.

    Vendor/Supplier Relationships

    In order to provide our Janitorial Franchise Owners with the products and equipment to effectively service our clients, Anago Cleaning Systems has developed relationships with national vendors and suppliers. These relationships not only provide our Master Franchise Owners with the best products and equipment in the industry, but they also result in reduced costs due to the size and structure of our organization, leading us to achieve significant economies of scale.

    Financing and Insurance

    Under certain conditions, Anago Cleaning Systems may provide in-house financing for approved Master Owners. Also, Anago Cleaning Systems offers business insurance coverage for your Janitorial Franchise Owners, another benefit to assist you with selling franchises in your exclusive territory.

    Industry Affiliations

    As a member of the International Franchise Association, Anago Cleaning Systems is a leader in protecting, enhancing and promoting franchising. This membership illustrates our devotion to working with all government regulations to ensure that the interests of our Master and Janitorial Franchise Owners are represented fairly and objectively.

    Advanced Technology

    By developing our own proprietary software system, Anago Cleaning Systems provides Master Franchise Owners with advanced technology for compiling, operating, and analyzing data that is pertinent to the successful growth and maintenance of your business:

    New Business Development System (NBDS)

    Used to identify commercial cleaning accounts within a Master Franchise Owner’s region, the NBDS provides client contact information to your sales department who can then price the services and prepare the proposal. The NBDS software enables you to compile a comprehensive profile on each prospect and ensures ongoing client satisfaction through a planned program of mailings, emails, visitations, and phone contacts. Being a web-based system, it provides 24-hour access to client information, allowing you to service your clients whenever and wherever necessary.

    Invoice Generating and Account Statement (IGAS)

    A user-friendly database system, IGAS coordinates all financial operations of your Master Franchise. From automating billing, to producing account statements, and providing cash flow and financial data, IGAS assists with monitoring critical business functions for you and your Franchise Owners.

    As an Anago Cleaning Systems Master Franchise Owner, you can be confident that your business will be backed by superior technology created to ensure the success of your organization.

    Marketing Support

    To assist you with marketing our Janitorial Franchise program within your territory, while simultaneously managing your business, Anago Cleaning Systems has developed creative marketing strategies to position our organization as a leader within the marketplace. All Master Franchise Owners are provided with the following:

    • Training Videos
      Videos highlighting cleaning techniques, products, and equipment to aid in the coaching of your Janitorial Franchise Owners
    • Training Manuals
      Manuals including information on policies and procedures, operations, and maintenance to assist you in the day-to-day management of your business
    • Promotional Materials
      Brochures and fliers to provide information to potential Janitorial Franchise Owners and clients
    • Forms
      Business forms to assist you with the operation of your business
    • Branding Collateral
      Tools such as stationery, business cards, brochures, and uniforms, to provide a consistent, professional appearance to represent your Master Franchise
    • Print Advertising
      National print advertising campaigns in top publications.
    • Web Advertising
      Online web advertising campaigns in top franchise websites.

    By providing our Master Franchise Owners with the sales and marketing tools to assist with Janitorial Franchise Owners and clients, Anago Cleaning Systems ensures that you have everything necessary to expand your business, and master your future.

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    Ranked Top 50 in Franchise Satisfaction

    Franchise Business Review is a national franchise market research firm that performs independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction. Anago is proud to be ranked, for the ninth year in a row, as a Top 50 Franchise; the only ranking of franchises based solely on actual franchisee satisfaction and performance. Among the most important factors to consider before investing in a franchise is the satisfaction levels of current franchisees as well as franchise performance. The research conducted by FBR provides prospective franchisees with this information, a crucial necessity considering the sea of franchise options available today.

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